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Should you teach the Beatitudes to children? Are they really old enough to understand? Absolutely yes. I feel that the Beatitudes are important to learn at any age. Here’s how to use free printable Beatitudes flashcards with children. You can also use these flashcards as lunch notes for gentle reminders to your children to always embrace these traits.

The Beatitudes are a group of verses from the New Testament and are a part of the Sermon on the Mount. Found in the gospel of Matthew, the Beatitudes are 8 verses of blessedness spoken from Jesus. Many desire these as character traits. I have shared a free printable Beatitudes pack for kids and I am also working on a Beatitudes coloring book and a few other things. Today, I want to share a Beatitudes flashcard pack that you can use in your home or with your Sunday School class.

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Why Teach the Beatitudes to Children

The Beatitudes teach character traits such as:

  • Mercy
  • Peacemaking
  • Pure thoughts
  • Kindness
  • Wisdom

Of course, you can teach more than these things but those are the main ones I like to focus on.

The character traits learned from the Beatitudes help with so many things. For example, how to treat others (with mercy and kindness). This extends to learning how to forgive (mercy) and each Beatitude could become it’s own lesson.

How to Teach the Beatitudes to Preschoolers

For younger children, it can be as simple as reciting the Beatitudes out loud. Then ask them to draw what they think it means. 

Use real life examples and connect the verses to those situations or people. 

For example:

  • How can they be a peacemaker?
  • How can they be kind?
  • Where do they see God?

For older children, you can do journaling lessons or pages that use the individual verses. While for younger children, my printable Beatitudes pack is a great start.

Other ideas include:

  • Finding similar Bible verses on each of the character traits
  • Acting out examples of the traits
  • Memory cards

Our church sometimes includes this hymn:

I’ll have more resources out in the future but for now, I wanted to share my new Beatitudes flashcards. You can also use these for memory verses or to print out for children to keep with them. I have used a similar style to my printable pack and these cards are in color. If you’re like me and want to save on ink, you can print them out in black and white.

There are 8 flashcards total as I’m focusing on Matthew verses 5:3-10 — in future resources, I’ll expand more and eventually I hope to cover the entire Sermon on the Mount (in addition to more Bible lessons and stories).

Teach the Beatitudes at home or in Sunday School with these free printable Beatitudes flashcards for kids.

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