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I had notions of grandeur at the beginning of the year to create at least one printable pack per week. I have failed greatly with this goal but I’m going to try and get back on track. We’ll see how it goes! It’s been awhile since I’ve created a Bible based printable pack and this one is definitely close to my heart. The Sermon on the Mount is one of my favorite parts of the Bible and the Beatitudes are one of my favorite parts from the Sermon on the Mount. To get back on track with creating Christian printable packs for kids, I’m going to start with the Sermon on the Mount and I’m so happy to bring you my Beatitudes for Kids mini printable pack.

beatitudes for kids featured

Are the beatitudes just for kids?

I think that the Beatitudes are great to learn for anyone but especially kids. It’s not just about values but it’s about character- and not just for Christian’s either. Even if the overlying undertones are Christian in nature because it’s from the Bible- there are plenty of valuable lessons to be obtained from the Beatitudes.

In this pack, you’ll find:

  • Coloring pages (with verses)
  • Copywork (the entire Beatitudes passage)
  • Cards with individual beatitudes on them)

This is a mini-pack as it will be part of a larger series based on the Sermon on the Mount. Once I have that available, I will link it of course but all parts will also be available individually for download. The large pack will only be in the Content Club but there’s still time before that comes to fruition.

Preview page:

the beatitudes for kids-page-005

I’m unsure as to what will come next from the Sermon on the Mount series but I wanted to at least get this one done and out there. If you do have any suggestions for an upcoming pack, please let me know!

Does your toddler or preschooler know the Beatitudes? Help them learn with this free Beatitudes printable pack for kids. Also great for Sunday School!

Looking for a version for adults? I have started to create a free set of printable Beatitude coloring pages.

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8 years ago

[…] Download a free Beatitudes for Kids printable pack. […]

Mrs. R.
Mrs. R.
8 years ago

Oops–forgot to say: Since they are more accurate translations AND so much easier for children to understand. But our daughter is already coloring one of the angels you provided. 🙂 Thanks!

8 years ago

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8 years ago

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Melissa Hyder
Melissa Hyder
4 years ago

Thank you for making these in KJV!! so many things for kids aren’t found in this translation!

1 year ago

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7 months ago

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