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Dear Autism Mom,

No one can tell you that you aren’t the expert on your autistic child

No one can tell you that you are ruining your autistic child’s life

No one can tell you how to parent your autistic child

And let’s be real here: being an autism mom and raising an autistic child is f*cking hard and there is no shame in admitting to that.

What does it mean to be an autism mom?

As a mom of an autistic child, you’ve probably been told that you can’t possibly use the term “autism mom” unless you yourself are autistic. Or, at least that’s the narrative in some parts of the internet.

And yes, that’s understandable. I speak to that as an autistic mom of an autistic individual. In fact? I’m autistic and ADHD with a neurodiverse family. In that picture to your right, you’ll see me and my autistic daughter waaaay back when she was only 2.

But, back to you dear autism mom. I’d be willing to bet that you’ve also been told that you can’t possibly be the expert on your child. At least in some parts of the internet, anyway.

And, maybe even worse? You’ve been told that you’re doing more harm than good when it comes to raising your child. OR that you can’t possibly be the expert on raising your child.

Honestly, that’s the last thing you need to hear.

Because, the truth is – you know your child. You are their mom, after all.

Here’s what I have to say instead:

First, let’s address this whole controversy around “autism mom” — because, here’s the thing mama – if you want to call yourself an autism mom, an autism mama, or an autism parent?

Do it.

With love,

An autistic adult/autism mom

YOU are the Expert on Your Child
YOU are Good Enough as a Mom
YOU are on the Journey of Parenting
YOU are the Most Qualified Advocate
You can EQUALLY Love Your Child and Need a Break

But just who am I to be saying all of this?

I’m Kori – and I’m an autistic & ADHD mom with an autistic daughter. I’m a mom mentor for moms just like you. I have questioned if I was getting it right. I have made mistakes. I have learned. I have grown.

I have been where you are.

  • If you are ready to make long-lasting changes with your routines? I’m here to help.
  • If you are ready to become the confident advocate your child needs? I’m here to help.
  • If you are ready to change the environment around your child? I’m here to help.
  • If you are ready to transform your relationship with your autistic child? I’m here to help.

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