I recently came to a decision that I was going to share more of my Christian based resources, ideas, and activities for kids. This is partially because as Squeaker gets older, I can start to do more with her. I’m also a part of my church’s Christian Education committee and brainstorming with the committee chairwoman on how to make the transition from Cradle Roll (infants) to Sunday School.

That got me thinking- hey, why not try to develop a Bible study curriculum that can be used for both my toddler and my autistic daughter. So, that’s mostly what you’ll find on this page- Bible printable packs for kids. These can be used for toddlers, preschoolers, children with special needs, and in Sunday School. Or at least that’s my hope 🙂

In fact, I am in the process of working on a more comprehensive curriculum or two. We’ll see how the first one goes and then go from there!

Unless otherwise noted, these printable packs are primarily based on the KJV translation of the Bible. As time permits, I will be happy to make additional versions.

 As my toddler grows, I want to introduce more of her faith to her. These Bible printables for toddlers do just that. Also useful for preschool, special needs children, and Sunday School.

Bible and Christian Printable Packs for Preschoolers and Toddlers

So far, I only have a few packs made but I have a lengthy list that I’d like to cover.

That will also tie into the Bible study curriculum which will include things like crafts, recipes, and activities to reinforce the Bible topic, concept, or verse. And while it may not hold true for all autistic children, I find that with my autistic daughter; activities, books, movies, crafts, toys, and printable packs that are also aimed towards toddlers, preschoolers, and beginning readers tend to capture and hold her interest.

Unless otherwise stated, Bible verses used are from the KJV translation. This has to do with copyright issues as I’d rather not get into legal trouble. As time allows, I will also include ESV and possibly others. It will all depend on the permission that I’m able to obtain.

Principles of Faith
The Apostle’s Creed The Lord’s Prayer
Need a visual way to teach the Apostle's Creed? Try this free printable Apostle's Creed for Toddlers.  
Old Testament
Adam and Eve Mini Pack Adam and Eve Coloring Pack
Adam and Eve Mini Pack If you're looking for materials to help teach the story of Adam and Eve, take a look at these free Adam and Eve coloring pages. 14 pages all together, 7 with Bible verses and 7 without.
The Creation Story Noah’s Ark
Our next offering in our series of Christian printable packs for toddlers, we're offering a free Creation Story printable pack. As we continue in our series of Bible story printable packs, this week we're covering the story of Noah's Ark. One of my biggest packs to date, I hope that your family will enjoy this!
New Testament
The Beatitudes  
beatitudes for kids featured  


How to Plan Sunday School Lessons with Bible Story Printables

If your church doesn’t use a lectionary schedule (ours does) or if you know your lectionary schedule in advance, these printable packs are meant to help supplement your lesson. In the future there were will be more complete printable packs that will also include suggested activities. 

For the time being, however, you can use these Bible printable packs to reinforce concepts.

For example, the Beatitudes for Kids printable pack can be used when learning about the Sermon on the Mount or for use as a character study.

If you are doing a chronological overview of the Bible, you can start with the Creation story in Genesis and then include the Adam and Eve printable pack and follow that with the Noah’s Ark story.

For younger children, or to reinforce with older children, you can also use the Apostle’s Creed as a way of introducing key church beliefs. 

Are you teaching Bible stories and Christian concepts to your toddler or preschooler? Or maybe you're in need of Sunday School resources? Come check out my free collection of Bible printables for toddlers and preschoolers. Also suitable for children with autism or other special needs.