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Welcome back to another Freebie Friday! I’m making it a goal to get back on track with these and this week I have one to share that I hope you’ll love! As a Christian, I know that it’s my responsibility to share that faith with my children and to make sure that they understand the basics of their faith. Part of this is the Apostle’s Creed and I was trying to think of ways to teach that to Squeaker and Sweet B. Visuals work for Sweet B, so why not Squeaker. After looking through my clipart, I came up with a printable Apostle’s Creed for Toddlers – which is a combination of clipart and text.

Need a visual way to teach the Apostle's Creed? Try this free printable Apostle's Creed for Toddlers.

Why teach the Apostle’s Creed?

The apostle’s creed is easier to learn, regardless of age. You can certainly teach the Nicene creed as well, but I would wait until your child is old enough to understand. By teaching the apostle’s creed first, you are also giving your child the foundation.

The pack, as stated, is a mixture of words and clipart. It also includes a copy work version. This will be the first of several Christian themed printable packs for toddlers/preschoolers as I start to plan out how to teach Squeaker and Sweet B.

What I may also do is make her own visual catechism by combining some of the packs together. When that happens, I’ll also offer that for download though you’ll still be able to download the packs individually as well.

Here you can see a sample page:


I absolutely love the look of Edu-Clips clipart, which is why I’ve used it for this pack. I’ll be using her clipart for several of the themes in this series as well as tot packs that are in the works.

And remember- if you have any suggestions for themes (Christian or otherwise), please let me know and I’ll see what I can do!

>>>> Download The Apostle’s Creed for Toddlers <<<<

If the above link doesn’t work for you, please let me know in a comment and leave your e-mail address and I will be happy to send it to you. This does not add you to my e-mail list but you are encouraged to subscribe to stay up to date!

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Devon Cole
Devon Cole
8 years ago

A friend shared with me the Apostles Creed for toddlers download. It looks really neat, but when I click the link it requires me to have dropbox. I use dropbox at work but do not want a personal account. Is there a different way to get the download? Thanks youj.

Ashley Weidemann
Ashley Weidemann
8 years ago

I would like a copy sent to me email! Thanks so much for creating this!!

8 years ago

I was hoping to get a copy of the Apostles Creed but the link isn’t working. Would you be able to email it to me? Thanks. ☺

Matthew Rose
Matthew Rose
6 years ago

Hi Kori,
This is perfect for my Sunday School class. Would you please email me a copy?