Free Printable Beatitudes Craft for Kids 2

Free Printable Beatitudes Craft for Kids

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We use the beatitudes at home and in our Sunday school lessons to teach character. But why? Simply because, it’s one of those things that stick. We get Bible study in while we’re also looking at positive character traits. 

Still with me?

Let’s take a look at how we can use this free printable beatitudes craft for kids at home or in Sunday school.

Free Printable Beatitudes Craft for Kids 3

How to Use the Printable Beatitudes Craft 

The printable has two simple, but different, crafts included. Pictured above, you would cut out the beehive then the bee kids. Each of them is holding a different attribute and they are as follows:

  • Merciful
  • Pure of Heart
  • Humble
  • Appreciative
  • Peacemakers
  • Grateful 

The second way, is with the bee kids already on the beehive. Then, you would add the words:

Free Printable Beatitudes Craft for Kids 4

The printable craft comes in full color, but I printed in black & white because it was easier on my printer ink.

If you also decide to print in black & white, you can have your kid(s) color in the beehive and bee kids.

Free Printable Beatitudes Craft for Kids 5

What you get in the printable Beatitudes Craft

You will get both variations of the craft in this one printable download.

Free Printable Beatitudes Craft for Kids 6

That goes with the first variation. Aren’t those bee kids the cutest? If they look familiar, it’s because we’ve used them before in our printable Beatitudes flashcards.

Here’s the second variation (the bee kids holding their signs)

Free Printable Beatitudes Craft for Kids 7

For younger children, you may have to do the cutting but then let them be creative with the pasting. 

Now, if there’s any confusion as to which of these words relates to which of the Beatitudes? You may want to check out our Beatitudes for Kids printable. It includes copywork for the Beatitudes and it’s great for learning the specific verses and character traits. 

DOWNLOAD HERE (No Opt In Required)


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