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Have you fallen out of love with your home? Sometimes we can look at our homestead and feel very uninspired. But also, when we start to think about the things we want to do to makeover the space, very slowly, the cost begins to creep up. Sometimes we’ve got to make the most of our limited budget, but also, find ways to completely reinvigorate our home, without going overboard. The solution? A few simple swaps. What are the best ways to update your home by making the most of this simple practice?

4 Simple Swaps to Update Your Home

Swap Your Focal Point 

A talking piece is always the best way to make the space look completely different. It’s the way to distract guests when they enter the space but also make it more interesting for you. It doesn’t always have to be anything major; it could also be something practical if you want it to be.

In the bathroom, a stone basin is something that can transform your aesthetic; and, alongside a new coat of paint, you’ve already made a significant swap! In fact, painting the space can make it feel different, by adding an extra sense of depth. But when you are torn between a focal point and re-painting, always go for the focal point.

De-clutter The Space 

Decluttering should be one of the first things you do. Whether you have an abundance of toiletries and need to organize your bathroom, or the living room is full of junk, decluttering will reinvigorate any space. It’s something you need to get into the habit of doing anyway, and by doing this every couple of months, it gives you the opportunity to make the space look cleaner and tidier, but also make it seem like more of a blank canvas.

If you’re looking to embrace a more minimal approach, swapping a busy living area for a minimal one is a great shout.

Bring Nature Indoors 

When when the weather starts to get colder, you will spend more time indoors. And as such, you can think about adding some statement plants inside, which will help you to embrace the changes of the season. Take inspiration from this if you don’t want to install a bulky tree stump in the middle of your kitchen table! Think about flower arrangements that have a more autumnal color scheme.

Work On The Texture

The texture is one of the ways that you can completely change your space. By adding some throws over couches and beds to making a statement with a rug in the middle of the room, it completely alters the texture of the space and helps you to work with different layers. Working with woven fabrics, especially in the areas of the home that you spend more time in, transforms the space from a stark, minimalist showhome to something cozier in the run-up to Christmas.

Playing with texture is crucial, and by making adding these layers, you are updating the home ready for winter, but it’s also something that isn’t permanent! So you can make some new swaps all over again!

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