Free Printable Thanksgiving Themed Alphabet Matching Puzzles 2

Free Printable Thanksgiving Themed Alphabet Matching Puzzles

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As we are getting our Thanksgiving activities together, sometimes we like to have them simple. Or, we just like to have them available for review work. Things like the alphabet and matching uppercase to lowercase. Of course, we also include the ASL option because that’s a favorite of ours. These printable Thanksgiving themed alphabet matching puzzles have an adorable turkey on them to kick off our Thanksgiving busy work.

Scroll down to the bottom of this post to get your free copy.

Free Printable Thanksgiving Themed Alphabet Matching Puzzles 3

I won’t go into the whole here’s how to use them because I’ve outlined that already . The main point for these? Get them out there this year instead of waiting until next year. 

I do use these with both my autistic daughter (to review the alphabet) and with my youngest (to work on sign language). 

It’s funny how it works really but all of the stuff that we do in our homeschooling is also used (to an extent) in our afterschooling. We make our connections and sometimes, it gives my autistic daughter the opportunity to bond with her younger sister. 

Free Printable Thanksgiving Themed Alphabet Matching Puzzles 4

As with all of the printable alphabet puzzles, there’s a full set for uppercase to lowercase (letters only), uppercase to sign language alphabet, and lower case to sign language alphabet. The main differences, of course, is that there is no uppercase or lowercase distinction for sign language. 

Free Printable Thanksgiving Themed Alphabet Matching Puzzles 5


My autistic daughter, as mentioned above, benefits more from the uppercase to lowercase, but my five year old? She also benefits from it with her handwriting practice. She taught herself how to write when she was 3 so she’s always been a bit precocious in that area. However, she doesn’t always make the distinction of when to use uppercase or lowercase. She hates the repetition of it when I do worksheets with her, so instead we work more on matching the uppercase to lowercase so she can see the differences first.

Free Printable Thanksgiving Themed Alphabet Matching Puzzles 6

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