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I’m not the craftiest person out there but I do like to occasionally tap into my creative side. One of my favorite ways to do that is by using K-Cups to make things. Sometimes they turn out to my expectations. And sometimes not so much.

My latest attempt was to make a K-Cup turkey for Thanksgiving.


Of course this could also be done by an older child but I don’t quite trust my toddler to use the glue gun yet.

Depending on their age, this craft can be done completely by a child or it can be done with adult assistance. It really depends on your judgement and their craft ability level.


How to Make a K-Cup Turkey for Thanksgiving

To start you’ll need:

I try to make the paint even but, try as I might, it doesn’t always work out. Still, I do my best. I have found that acrylic paint does work best for painting K-Cups.


Not perfect, but it will do!

Next, I just needed to wait a little bit for it to dry and then I was ready to turn this little K-Cup into a turkey.


For this next part you’ll need:

You can put things on in whatever order you’d like, but I started with the eyes:


I do use a low-heat glue gun so I don’t burn a hole through the K-Cup. This also helps when getting the excess strands of glue away.

I used about two to three dots of glue on the back for the feathers.


Also, while I do have several drawers filled with craft supplies; I do not have a dedicated crafting area. Usually I work at the dining room table, but for glue gun use, I work on the floor.


It’s not very visible but my first attempt for a nose was drawn on with an orange Sharpie marker. However, after realizing that wouldn’t quite work, I cut a small triangle out of orange craft foam.


I think the turkey turned out pretty cute. And while we’ll make a few more for decorations, you could also turn these into simple placeholders for guests.

K-Cup crafts are fun, easy, and don’t take too much time. In fact, the most time consuming part is waiting for paint to dry. These crafts are also relatively inexpensive, which is another win.



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