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As I continue to expand my pregnancy advice and tips, I wanted to talk about the second trimester. Each trimester provides it’s own set of challenges and exciting moments. The first trimester is when nerves are abound. The third trimester may seem like a waiting game. So what about the second trimester? Here are 17 tips for what to do in your second trimester of pregnancy.

The second trimester of pregnancy is often the settling in period. Here are 17 things that you can do in your second trimester of pregnancy.

The second trimester in your pregnancy is often thought of as the most exciting and best months. You are well past the morning sickness, you have more energy, you aren’t carting around another 20 pounds yet and you have a radiant energy that is apparent to anyone who looks at you.

Your emotions are under better control and all of a sudden the baby is becoming a reality. You’ll be able to hear the baby’s heart beat, more loudly and clearly, at the doctor’s office. Very soon you’ll be feeling your baby moving. This is the time to plan a vacation or get away with your significant other.

Soon you’ll be too big and too tired to enjoy it and your doctor will advise against it. Then the baby will be born and all your life will change.

During your second trimester there are things to begin planning to stay on track for pregnancy that doesn’t end in a panic state. But what to plan in your second trimester?

It’s time to make a list of things that will have to be accomplished before the baby is born.  You ma want a generic list or one that allows you to tick off the items as you complete them.  Use what works for you.

17 Things that You Can Do In Your Second Trimester of Pregnancy


* Nursing bras if you are going to be nursing. And be sure to check out my breastfeeding success tips for the first few days.

* Supportive bra to use during exercise that fits your growing breasts

* Maternity clothes for your growing belly

* Baby’s room – crib, changing table (if you are using it), clothes storage

* Crib sheets and bumper pads to protect baby from the railings (optional!) but this may help with settling in with your newborn.

* Growth and development toys – just a few

* Maternity leave at work – are you going back? Full time or part time?

* Paperwork to add your baby to your insurance policy – be sure to make the call!

* Labor and delivery classes

* Nursing class

* Birth class for your other children

* Dental cleaning so you don’t have to have one until after you return to work

* Support after your baby is born – help, housekeeping, nanny,

* Choosing the type of birth you want at the hospital or at home

* Choose your pediatrician for you baby

* Resource books on nursing, delivery

* Create a journal of events during this time

These are just some of the things what to plan in your second trimester. You may find that a global list works best or you may like to plan out when you’ll make these decisions and enter the dates into a calendar to keep you on track. What ever makes the most sense to you – use it! What ever you do – do not leave the decisions and planning for the third trimester, or worse, just weeks before the baby is born.

If you are going to be pregnant in the summer, be sure to check out my summer pregnancy survival tips!

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