When I was growing up, there were three things I looked forward to and planned on doing: having a wildly successful career, getting married, and being a mom. Of those three, being a mom has far exceeded my expectations and whatever visions I may have had. I’m working on the wildly successful career and well, the getting married part has also passed. One of these days I’ll get into phase 2 of the getting married thing but until then… I’m focusing on the mom part. And part of the being a mom? Being pregnant. Though there were definitely ups and downs with each pregnancy, being pregnant was one of my favorite things. There was just something about knowing that I had another human being developing in my body. That’s why I wanted to gather together my best pregnancy advice and tips to share with you.

Pregnant or know someone who is? Check out my best pregnancy advice and tips for all 9 months and postpartum.

While I don’t have many posts about getting pregnant or about infertility, I will eventually have links to those posts as I think that’s just as important. And, I’ll make this standard disclaimer:

I am not a certified medical professional, I do not have an advanced degree in obstetrics or gynecology. In fact, I’m lucky if I can remember to spell those two words correctly. I am merely sharing advice and tips from the perspective of a mom and woman who’s been there. The advice and tips provided here are not meant to substitute the advice given by a certified, educated, and trained medical professional.

Pregnancy Advice

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Postpartum Advice

The time after pregnancy be just as challenging as pregnancy itself. From adjusting to having the new baby to even dealing with postpartum depression; the days, weeks, and months following your pregnancy are a challenging time indeed.

learning to love my post pregnancy body Though the topic only seems to come up when celebrities are in the spotlight, the reality of postpartum depression is an important topic that should not be ignored.
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