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Summer is the time of year that we all want to enjoy. For your kids, it means freedom from homework, waking up early and rushing to catch the bus, and, more importantly, no more PTA meetings. But this lighthearted season is not always good for your kids’ health. Because during the holiday season, your kids will find more reasons to be glued to the television and play video games all day long than to go out and get some exercise.

Consequently, too much rest can lead to unhealthy changes in your kids’ bodies and make them gain weight faster during the summer season. And if you are a responsible parent, you don’t want your kids to get overweight during their summer vacations. 


So, even when your kids are on a summer vacation, you need to make some decisions on their behalf to keep them healthy and active. Here are a few simple ways to do it.  


Encourage Them to Go Outside and Get Active


Summer vacations are the best time for your kids to show how fun it could be to play outside. To cultivate their interests in playing outdoors:


  1. Lead by example.
  2. Go out with them at least once during the day.
  3. Find games and activities to play with them to get moving and get all the exercise they need. 


You can also help them organize games like kickball or baseball with other kids on the playground. And when they’re playing outside and getting cuts, don’t be alarmed because that shows they’re more interested in playing outside than spending all their time sitting on the couch. If that happens, you can put on some manuka honey bandages on their wounds to help them heal faster. These bandages are specially devised for delicate skin. Moreover, its adhesive quality will give your kids quick relief from skin irritation or inflammation where wounds are causing problems. This easy fix will quickly get them ready for their next outdoor match with their friends. 


Moreover, with 60 minutes of activity your day, your kids will go more robust and healthier, further providing them with long-term health benefits. So make sure you encourage your kids to go outside and play not only during their summer holidays but also during the whole season. 


Don’t Let Them Ignore the Bedtime Routine.


After a rigorous outdoor game session with your child, your kids’ will need a good night’s sleep. However, they will not want to go to bed early, as they have no school bus to catch tomorrow. But a regular sleep schedule is still critical. Kids who sleep less will find themselves low on energy, giving them more reasons to stay indoors and waste their time. Consequently, if their brain is tired, they won’t hesitate to make unhealthy choices like eating a bag of chips and drinking sugary drinks every time they sit on a couch.


So give them fewer reasons to sleep late at night and be adamant about setting a regular bedtime for your kids. To make things easier, you can try:


— Keeping regular dinnertime.

— Make sure your child gets enough exercise during the day.

— Turn off the WIFI before you go to bed. 


Wrapping Up


Summertime should be a time when your kids get all the exercise their body needs. However, most of the time, they lack motivation and try to find ways to escape playing outdoors. With the tips mentioned above, you can quickly encourage your kids to go outside and play so they can grow more active and healthier. 

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