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Sex crimes are heinous, and they affect the victim for a lifetime. People who are violated physically often feel more than physical trauma. They lose their faith and self-esteem as well. But life gets equally difficult for someone who is falsely incriminated for a sex crime. The accusation can hit their career, reputation, and relationships. As a family member of the accused, it is painful to live with the thought that your loved one has committed such a serious crime. 

You may even hate them and feel as if they have betrayed you. But what if your loved one is incriminated without fault? What if someone accuses them due to malicious intentions? They deserve a chance to prove their innocence. You have to support your loved one in such a situation. Here are some tips for being there for your family member and helping them get out of the problem.


Talk to your loved one

The first thing you should do is talk to your loved one to find the truth. Avoid making assumptions, as they can cloud your judgment. Have trust in the person and ask them their side of the story before making a conclusion. Once you talk to them, you will have a clear picture of the situation. Also, discuss the next course of action. Your main motive should be to get them off the hook by proving innocence, so think of the strategy that can help you achieve it.


Build a support system

Coping up with the challenge alone is daunting. The situation can worsen if your loved one has to go through a court trial. The best way to deal with it is by building a support system. Connect with family and close friends who are willing to stand by you and your loved one. Explain the entire story to get them into confidence about the innocence of your family member. A support system is crucial as these are the people you can rely on for lending physical, emotional, and financial support when you need it down the line. 


Get legal counsel

Perhaps the most crucial aspect of supporting a falsely incriminated person is to get legal counsel. Sex crimes are among the hardest to deal with from a defense perspective, so you will need an expert to show your innocence. You must connect with a sex crimes attorney at the earliest and discuss your case. Ensure that your loved one shares every smallest detail so that the lawyer can build a viable defense. The only way to save them is by having an expert representing them in court. Make sure you find someone with excellent skills and experience because proving innocence and getting acquittal takes a lot of work. 


Gather evidence

You can do your bit by gathering evidence to prove the innocence of your loved one. Be in constant touch with the attorney to discuss the progress of the case. You must have enough to prove the false accusation in court. Try finding the motive of the accuser in the first place. If the person is a colleague of your loved one, talk to people at the workplace and find ones who can testify in court. Your lawyer will probably ask you to get testimonials regarding the good conduct of your family member. Find ways to validate it with evidence and witnesses. The more you have, the better are the chances of getting the innocent plaintiff out of the problem.


Invest in self-care

Supporting a loved one accused of a sex crime can be taxing. It can take a toll on your physical and mental well-being because of evident reasons. The financial burden can be hard to bear as well. As you navigate this stressful journey, investing in self-care should be a priority. The last thing you want at this point is to get sick because you will be unable to help your loved one. Take care of your diet and avoid skipping meals. Meditate, spend time outside, and talk to someone you can rely on. Stress can get on to you at times, but do not let it win the battle.


A sex crime accusation is daunting, even more, when a person is innocent. It can shatter the person, harm their reputation, and kill their relationship. But support from the family can help a person deal with the situation better. Being there for the accused as a family member takes a lot of courage, but they deserve your love and support. Be there and help them prove their innocence. 

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