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With one pregnancy, I was pregnant from fall through early summer and with my last pregnancy, I was pregnant from spring through early winter. And let me tell you- being pregnant during the summer? Not my cup of tea. With both pregnancies, accommodating my growing stomach and staying comfortable were of utmost importance. That’s why I want to share my must have motherhood clothes for a comfortable pregnancy– no matter what time of the year you’re pregnant.

Are you pregnant or know someone who is? Take a look at this list of essential motherhood clothes for a comfortable pregnancy.

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Essential Motherhood Clothes: Basics

  • Nursing bras. Whether you plan to nurse or not, getting a nursing bra will be your best friend. I purchased a few night nursing bras and those were the main ones I used throughout my pregnancy and I still use them now.
  • Nursing tanks and nursing camis. These were especially comfortable during the summer months. And a great alternative to wearing a nursing bra because the bra is built in to the tank or cami.
  • Maternity shirts. While I don’t think it’s absolutely necessary to buy a complete maternity wardrobe, you will want to have one or two maternity shirts.
  • Tunics. I wore a lot of tunic tops when I was pregnant with Squeaker because of the time of the year. They worked for me in spring, fall, and early winter.
  • Pants. I wore yoga pants/lounge pants for as long as I could until I needed the added support. Then I finally broke down and bought two good pairs of maternity pants. One was a pair of jeans and the other a pair of khakis.

Other maternity clothes that are nice to have on hand? Skirts, dresses, and a pair or two of comfortable shoes. If you’re pregnant during the summer, you may also want to look into getting a maternity bathing suit. Just be sure to look for one that supports your belly. Now is not the time to sacrifice comfort for fashion!

Non clothing items to keep around: breast pads, baby wipes (because they’re good for everything!), belly cream, and peppermint scented lotion (if you can tolerate the smell) for your feet. Trust me on this one.

Pregnancy was not a time that I was absolutely concerned with being fashionable. I’m not a person who’s concerned with the latest trends to begin with, so that definitely wasn’t going to change while I was pregnant. I was far more concerned with being comfortable in my motherhood clothes.

I’ve held onto my maternity clothes, though I don’t know what I’ll do with them. Maybe I’ll make them into a quilt or blanket along with a few of Squeaker’s baby clothes.

We shall see.

If you're pregnant or know someone who is, here are my must have motherhood clothes for a comfortable pregnancy through all four seasons.

What are your must have motherhood clothes for a comfortable pregnancy?

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Amy Ngai
9 years ago

I loved my maternity tights. By the end of my pregnancy, it was all I wore! So comfy and I’m a big fan of the tunics! Thanks for sharing! #ConfessionsLinkUp