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None of us can function optimally if we aren’t looking after ourselves properly, which is why it is so important that we all have our own self-care routine in place. Some people like to have a glass of wine and read a good book, others prefer to take a nightly bubble bath, and some even enjoy ironing the laundry if you can believe that, but there are lots of ways to practice self-care that you may not have thought of before.

With that in mind, here are some of the more unusual self-care ideas you might want to try today if you haven’t quite found that one thing, or series of things, that works best to calm you, let you relax, and boost your wellbeing.

  1. Write yourself a permission slip

Brene Brown is a prominent American writer and researcher. She came up with this idea of writing yourself permission slips for whatever it is you might enjoy, and it’s a great practice for those of you who find it difficult to switch off and just do something for yourself. There’s something about writing the words “I give myself permission to read a great book tonight” that just makes you more likely to make it happen. Who knows why it works, but it really does. So, although it may seem a little whacky, why not write yourself a permission slip tonight?

  1. Getting a tattoo

A lot of people who have tattoos don’t just get them because they look good, but also because it makes them feel good. A lot of non-tattooed people can’t understand it, but those who love it say there’s just something about going under the needle that helps them relax, and they get a beautiful piece of skin art they can admire into the bargain. It’s not so strange when you think of it like that.

  1. Roleplaying

Roleplaying, whether it’s round a board playing dungeons and dragons or in live-action in the park pretending to be taking part in the civil war or whatever it is that floats your boat, may seem like an unusual way to care for yourself but it isn’t really when you think about it. Roleplaying enables you to leave your worries behind and become a new person with a new mission and purpose in life for just a little while. You get to live a life free of your own issues; a life that isn’t real so you can screw up and it’s just fine. Not only that, but it’s a great way to have fun and bond with friends too. What’s not to love.

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  1. Tending to plants

Caring for plants and flowers, whether inside your home or out in the garden, is a great way to get some self-care in as you can see at . It enables you to slow down, feel like you’re doing something good by taking care of another living thing and can even help to boost your immune system. Heck, there’s even research to say being around plants on its own can relieve stress and boost mental health even if you just sit and look at them. 

  1. Spinning

Yes, really. Some people find that putting on their favorite tunes and spinning around and around like they did when they were kids can take them to an altered state where their worries fade away and they feel all fuzzy and happy again. It might not be for you, but if it sounds like fun, give it a try and who knows, it could become your new self-care go-to.

  1. Forest bathing

What is forest bathing? It’s a practice that originated in Japan whereby individuals enter the forest and relax while taking in the scenery, communing with the trees, and focusing on their breath, basically, it’s forest meditation and you should give it a try because it can be amazing. Not only do the plants and the fresh air play a part in boosting your mental health, but so do your silent meditation and the process of walking out in nature. If you can’t walk, don’t let that stop you either, many mobility scooters, like the ones at can cope with smaller forests as long as you don’t go too deep, and you’ll still get most of the benefits of this unique and somewhat unusual practice. Don’t have a forest nearby? Any quiet green space where you can relax will be nearly as good, especially if it has trees. Trees are great for mental wellbeing.

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  1. Collecting pebbles

Some people found that collecting pebbles, stones, sea glass, and other small elements of nature that you can easily pick up and bring home with you to be incredibly soothing, and why shouldn’t it be? You’re bringing a part of nature into your own environment, and as we know, nature is very soothing. Not only that, but you need to spend focused time out in nature to find stuff to add to your collection, so it makes sense that it would help with self-care even if it does sound a little unusual.

  1. Build a blanket fort

Remember when you were a child and you build a blanket fort that was all warm, cozy, and just for you. It made you feel safe, warm, and special. So why not tap into those feelings again as an adult? You may feel a little silly at first, but I guarantee that once you’re settled into your blanket fort with lots of comfy pillows, your favorite snacks, and something good to read or watch, you’ll feel amazing. Seriously, give it a try.

  1. Earthing

Earthing is the practice of taking off your shoes and socks and placing your bare feet firmly on the lawn or earth around you. It may sound a little hippie-dippie, and maybe it is – that’s not necessarily a bad thing. But, many people find it really helps them to calm down and find their center. They feel like they are connecting with the earth and it helps them boost their wellbeing so who are we to judge?

  1. Updating your decor

If you’re the kind of person who loves to live in a stylish and comfortable home and you’re always thinking about ways you can improve things, there’s no reason why home renovations could not be your form of self-care. It’ll definitely keep you busy both physically and mentally, but in a good way. You’ll be so wrapped up in choosing paint colors and ensuring that you hand that wallpaper just right, that you won’t have time to worry, and you’ll get in a little physical activity, which we all know is a great way to boost wellbeing in and of itself.

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  1. Random acts of kindness

Studies have shown that doing something nice for someone else can leave you feeling better than you would by doing something nice for yourself, so why not indulge in a random act of kindness green space or two? Buy a cup of coffee for a stranger, write a nice note to someone who has helped you in the past; find your self-care in the care of others and you will feel amazing.

  1. Shout and scream

Feeling angry, sad, frustrated? Why not climb a hill or mountain or found a quiet place where you can be alone and scream at the top of your lungs. Shout your problems to the universe and by saying them, find your peace.

  1. Laughter yoga

Laughter really is the best medicine. It can lower blood pressure, boost mood, and help to build connections, amongst other things. So, it’s pretty safe to say that it makes for great self-care. Yoga is also really great for your health in more ways than you can imagine, so why not combine the two and take a great laughter yoga class? It’s another practice that may seem strange at first, but it can be very effective, lots of fun, and more cathartic than you can imagine. If that’s not your thing, there’s always dog yoga which is cuter than the cutest thing you can imagine.

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  1. Balance rocks

Rock balancing has become a bit of a popular hobby recently and it’s hardly surprising because the amount of intense concentration it takes to balance those rocks just right, combined with the amazing sense of achievement when you get it right, puts you right in a flow state that instantly melts your troubles and makes you feel great. It may take some practice to reach that kind of level and really tap into the benefits, but, hey, you’ll still have lots of fun along the way.

As you can see, there are many more ways to practice self-care than you may have thought possible. Give as many of them as appeal to you a try, and maybe even try some that you think sound a bit too far out because you just never know what is going to help you relax. Whatever you do, just make sure you make time for self-care.

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