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Renting out your property can be an effective way to generate extra income each month, but taking on another property and managing tenants can feel like a significant responsibility. Being a mom is busy enough without needing to worry about the stress of managing a rental property. So, you may be wondering how to gain the benefits of an extra income from the rental without it taking over your life and causing you lots of additional stress. In this article, you will find some useful hints to help you rent out your property with minimal hassle, leaving you free to focus on the rest of your life without adding to your stress:

Carry Out Tenant Checks

Screening checks are an invaluable first step toward finding the perfect tenants for your property. The ideal tenants will be people that can make their rent payments as agreed each month, keep the place tidy, and not upset the neighbors. While it would be impossible to predict anyone’s future behavior, carrying out some background checks can certainly help minimize the risk of your rental and save you hassle in the long term. It is also helpful to request references from previous landlords to know whether they would recommend the tenant or if they had significant issues with them. Carrying out these checks is a helpful way to begin identifying your ideal tenants.

Use Technology to Help You

Technology makes so many areas of life easier, including managing a rental property! Installing a noise level monitoring system will enable you to receive alerts if your tenants are too noisy. This is a great way to ensure your tenants are not upsetting the neighbors with excessive noise and will make you aware if they are hosting a loud party which could lead to potential damage to your property. Once you have been alerted to the noise level, you can then send your tenants a message asking them to quieten down without needing to go over there and do it yourself. This should prevent you from receiving phone calls from angry neighbors complaining about your tenants.

Choose Low Maintenance Décor

There is nothing worse than fitting out your rental property and making it look beautiful, only to discover your tenants have not taken care of it and ruined all your hard work. Choosing low maintenance decoration, fixtures, and fittings will help your rental to stay looking better for longer. Low maintenance décor will also make it simpler for your tenants to keep it looking good. 

Selecting durable hard flooring rather than carpet can be helpful so that it can be easily cleaned and less prone to staining. Choosing painted walls in a neutral color will also make it easier to touch up any areas that have been accidentally scraped or scuffed. Choosing easy to maintain décor will help you save money on the cost of redecoration between tenants and get the property ready to be rented out again much faster and with a lot less stress involved.

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