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I have a confession to make. Most nights before I go to bed, I head into the bathroom. Yes, it’s a necessary trip but after I’ve done what I need to do, I find myself standing in front of the mirror carefully going through my hair. My hair is not thinning, but as I go through each section… sometimes I find it. The lone gray hair or a hair that’s starting to go gray at the roots. Some nights I don’t find any and some nights I may find two or three. And I do get it… I’m getting older. I won’t get any younger and there’s really nothing that I can do to stop the aging process. Eventually I’ll learn to accept it and hopefully learn how to age gracefully.

Getting old is a part of life and no matter what we do, we just cannot stop it. But we can learn to accept it and we can learn how to age gracefully.

I’m fortunate and blessed that three of my grandparents are in their 90s. My paternal grandfather passed away when I was 8, but my maternal grandparents and my paternal grandmother are still very much alive and kicking.

I can only hope to age as gracefully as they have.

four generations strong

From left to right, that’s my mom, myself, my grandmother, and Squeaker on my lap. This photo was taken last year at my mom’s house when my grandparents came out for a visit. I hadn’t seen them in quite some time, so it was nice to have a little family get together. And, of course, it was also nice to be able to introduce Squeaker to two of her great-grandparents.

squeaker and her great grandfather

Apologies for blurriness, but she was not having any of this whole picture taking thing at the time.

So how exactly does one age gracefully?

Aging is a worry for many people, but can be slowed down by remaining healthy. Daily exercise and a healthy diet can reduce aging effects, especially by drinking water. Getting plenty of sleep and taking care of your skin is another way to make sure you reduce wrinkles. Everyone ages, but that doesn’t mean you can’t age well!

As we age, everyday things such as bending over to pick things up or everyday activities like putting groceries in the car can become painful chores. Pain from arthritis and many other effects of aging can really make life difficult. While you are working on diet, supplementation and fitness to alleviate the condition, don’t be afraid to ask for help while shopping or doing other everyday chores. You deserve it!

One of the best things that you can do in order to slow down the aging process in your body is to eat fish. Fish contains omega-3 fatty acids that are proven to be beneficial to skin. With that said, try to add seafood to your diet as it is both nutritious and tasty.

Be sure to protect your skin from the sun. Getting a bit of sun each day can be very beneficial but be sure to wear sunscreen while you do it. Overexposure can lead to wrinkles and even skin cancer. Taking care of your skin is vital to living a long and healthy youthful life.

Everyone gets older. There is a point in time when someone cannot care for their self. As we lose the ability to care for ourselves, we should look into nursing home or assisted living situations. Even though this doesn’t seem like a good situation, it is a good option in a few cases. A nursing home or assisted living facility can provide the special assistance and medical care that is often needed in our later years.

Get enough sleep nightly. It is said that each person needs an average of eight hours daily. Not getting adequate sleep can cause depression, heart problems, and more.

When you get older, it is important to know who you are and what you like. When you focus on what you like, and keep things around you positive, you accent the good things you have going in your life, and will not allow any negative emotions or situations to bring you down.

Learn how to control the way that you react to certain situations. If you can find a way to lessen the amount of things that you stress over, you are sure to feel much better about your life each day. Do not let the little things bring you down which can be detrimental to your health and age you quicker.

If you can, make sure you’re including a decent amount of fish in your diet. The omega-3 fatty acids that are most commonly found in fish have been shown to aid skin development. This can keep your skin looking smooth and young much longer. If you’re allergic to fish, look into omega-3 supplements.

Having a purpose in life is a great way to never feel old. If you are feeling old and out of touch or afraid that you will as you get older, then follow some of the ideas here to keep your mind young and your body will follow suit.

What do you think would help with aging gracefully?

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