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Are you thinking about getting a new roof for your home?

If you already have asphalt roofing it may be beneficial for you to start thinking about using metal roofing instead. Metal roofing is experiencing a surge in popularity.

 This is because modern metal roofs can be customized to look the way you want and they give increased energy efficiency.

With all the options you have to choose from, you will undoubtedly find one that will fit in with your home’s overall decor. Here are some of the best reasons for choosing a metal roof.

The Cost

Metal roofs do cost a bit more than asphalt shingles, you have to pay more money upfront but it has a longer life expectancy, this will help to offset the cost in the long run.

Metal roofs have been known to last for up to 40 to 70 years. Asphalt roofs only last for about 12 to 20 years. This means that if you live in your house for decades you could end up replacing the roof up to four times in your lifetime. With a metal roof, you may only replace it once in your lifetime.

They are Tough

If you live in an area that sees heavy wind and rainfall or even hail, your asphalt roofing may fly off during extreme weather conditions. Asphalt roofing is also prone to mildew and mold if moisture starts to build up. There are fiberglass varieties but they still don’t offer a lot in terms of being fire-resistant.

Metal roofing can hold up to a lot of conditions and there is no risk of harmful moisture buildup, it is also resistant to fires. Even if there is a hailstorm and you get a few dents it will not completely damage the roof.

They Have High Energy Efficiency

Metal roofs can help you save on energy. Metal roofing reduces your energy costs during the summer and in the winter as well.

They are even more effective in the summer when they are in a reflective light color such as blue, light green, or white. These colors reflect harsh sunlight away so that it does not enter the home. Asphalt shingles do not reflect light very well because they are so dark.

You May Not Have to Remove Your Old Roof

Did you know that you can install metal roofing over old asphalt shingles? There is no need for you to tear down your old roof this will cut down on the cost of labor.

Just ensure that your old asphalt roofing is not trapping any moisture buildup, insects, or rodents.

Time for an Upgrade

Now that you know all the benefits you can get from installing a metal roof, you may seriously be considering it. If you are the make sure you get a qualified contractor from Metal Roofing Spokane to install it for you.

Have fun with the color you choose but make sure that they are highly reflective. This will help to save on energy costs. 

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