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We all know growing crops and plants requires soil and water. But what if you can continue growing and harvesting, except this time, you only use water? Sounds bonkers, to be frank. But the truth is that the concept is real – and it works! You can bid farewell to the soil, and say hello to grow boxes. These technologies allow you to grow plants, crops, and other greens with only water and nutrients. And if you are starting along with such technology, you are in the right place. So, sit back as we take a tour, and learn about these alternative plant growing systems.


What Exactly Is A Grow Box?

A grow box, or grow cabinet, is a structure usually in the form of a box, that lets you grow vegetables, plants, and crops with water, light, nutrients, and oxygen. What makes the technology remarkable is that you can set it up at home. You can also control and customize light, oxygen, and temperature. Your grow box is your garden, while you are the weathering system. These devices are popular, especially for green thumbs who live in the city and high-rise buildings. Individuals utilize grow boxes in settings where actual gardening spaces and soil are in short supply. Grow boxes come in a number of sizes and shapes, and you can customize them as you see fit. You can go online if you want to peruse and learn more about this fantastic growing system.


The word ‘hydroponics’ sounds like a techno band’s cool and crazy name. But in reality, it is far from music. Hydroponics is the system that grow boxes utilize to make the plants and fruiting greens grow. It relies on pumps and other devices to deliver nutrient-rich water to thirsty plant roots. The system is safe and a lot cleaner for plants and yourself. No more messy soil!

Advantages Of Grow Boxes

Grow boxes do a lot more than just look like science-fiction plant capsules from the future. Here are some of the benefits of setting one in your commercial or residential setting.

  • Grow boxes are clean and pure. They do not require fertilizers and other compounds to assist in crop growth. This advantage allows your plants to develop cleaner.
  • These structures are easy to set up or install. 
  • Grow boxes are also portable. Transportation is not an issue at all.
  • With traditional farming, you have to worry about pests and other unwanted guests messing around with the things you are trying to grow. Grow boxes eliminate this factor by keeping your greens in a safely shut container.
  • You only use a fraction of water for watering purposes, unlike with traditional farming. This aspect means you spend less of that precious H2O on your greens.
  • Grow boxes have a design that makes them environmentally friendly and safe to use.
  • You don’t need to do a lot of maintenance for your grow box.
  • A grow box has a feature that contains and eliminates crop odor.

Grow Box Farming Tips

We have made a list of some tips for grow box farming, so you don’t have to. Check them out below.

  • You must pick the right spot for your grow box. Albeit they are compact and portable, you cannot set your grow box in just a random place.
  • You have to check the water, lighting, and nutrient level once in a while. You do not want your plants to drown in the structure.
  • Make sure that your grow box is far from the reach of children.
  • Pick a grow box that will cater to your requirements. Are you planning to grow tall plants? Aim for a higher-reaching plant grow box. Want to set up multiple plants at once? Get a grow box that can accommodate numerous plants at a time.

To Conclude Things

A grow box is definitely a sure-fire hit if you wish to try out alternate farming systems. It works with efficiency in any given setting and does not take up that much space. You will find out more about plant grow systems as you work your way forward. So, start your new farming out with one of these bad boys. It is an investment that will be worth your time, effort, and resources. 


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