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If you have an attic, chances are it’s a dark, dusty space full of old boxes of junk and spider webs. For many people, it is such a waste of great space and could add a much-needed room to your home. 

Even if you have a small attic that isn’t high enough to be converted to a usable room. You can still get it fitted out with lighting, flooring, and clever storage. If your roof needs a bit of work first, look for a company like IKO Roofing to repair it before you embark on the renovation. That way you’ll be able to free up so much space in your home for other things. Plus, who doesn’t love a tidy home? At least, that’s the dream. 

If your attic is large enough to provide a usable space, here are 5 great ideas to it into a fantastic room. 

Master Suite

Attics are usually an uninterrupted space that spans the width of the house. This provides the opportunity to create a huge master bedroom suite, with space for an en suite and a lot of closet space.  It can also free up a bedroom in your home for a guest room or kid’s bedroom. 

Guest Room 

If you never have guests over because you don’t have room, or they end up sleeping on a blow-up mattress in the dining room, then create a guest room. Not only will you be able to invite people to stay more, but they’ll have their own space away from the rest of the family, which is especially good if they are staying for a while over the holidays. 

Once the room is complete, it’s always ready so there’s no running about looking for sheets or air beds when someone comes to stay at short notice. 

Play Room

Young kids mean a lot of toys. You probably can’t see your lovingly designed house for the sea of kid’s things. It happens to all families. By giving the kids their own space to play, you can finally start to take back the rest of your home. 

As they start to get older you can adapt and change it to their interests. Then when they finally move out you can do whatever you like with it again!

Home Cinema 

The dream of all movie lovers. Your own cinema room. Turn your loft into your own movie heaven. Get the tv/projector, sound system, and some recliners. Depending on your budget, you can design a build your cinema room yourself. Alternatively, there are specialist companies that can do it for you. 

Home Gym

Exercising at home has become much more popular this year due to the pandemic. If you’ve picked up the exercise bug or made a resolution to get healthy in 2021, use the space for exercise.   Having a space dedicated to exercise and relaxation can only help you towards your health goals. Just make sure the floor can take the weight if you’re planning to put some heavy exercise equipment or weights in there. 

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