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So many things it seems are about mind over matter. Or, at least that’s how I’ve found it to be for me. From improving my time management to how I manage my finances; mindset has gotten me further in life. So why shouldn’t this apply to other things like my fitness journey? I was skeptical at first, as fitness and a healthy weight has been a long-term struggle for me. I’d recently reached a weight loss plateau and was tired of not seeing results. Now however, I’ve learned that all it took was a simple shift in mindset to change my weight loss approach. And it all started with a simple weight loss quiz.

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When it comes to weight loss and fitness, I’ve tried just about everything. Or at least just about everything that my body will allow. I have to be mindful about this, too. I have dietary restrictions thanks to food triggered migraines and past injuries prevent me from participating in high-impact exercise.

I’ve found a few things that have helped in the past, or at least have helped me get closer to my goals.

But, nothing it seems has helped to push me past this most recent plateau. And really it’s not about losing the weight but about feeling healthy. I’ve learned, after quite some time, that feeling healthy matters far more to me than how I look or how much weight I’ve lost.

This mindset, in fact, fits in perfectly with the thought process and theory behind NeuroGym.

In fact, I feel like with NeuroGym, winning the game of weight loss is now a possibility.

But why?

Because it aligns nicely with my recent mindset shifts.

But what makes this program so different and just why am I so convinced this will work? I’ll start by talking about my favorite features.

  • Lifetime access for a one time fee. No monthly charges or annual fees are required. As someone who’s trying to be mindful about money; this is important for me.
  • A different approach to weight loss
  • A simple to follow program

If you truly feel that you can make a commitment to something like this, then I would encourage you to take the weight loss quiz.

But what is the program really like?

There are 12 levels total and each is comprehensive with audio guides.

As someone who has tried numerous programs in the past, I was skeptical about another weight loss program. But, I was also intrigued by the fact that I could access this entirely online. And that it had more of a psychological approach.

It wasn’t just about changing my diet or counting calories anymore. Now, it was about retraining my brain.

I still kept my gym equipment at home because that’s what I’m familiar with.

And combined with NeuroGym, I feel that I have the pathway to Winning the Game of Weight Loss.

I also created a healthy habit tracker to go along with the program that you are more than welcomed to use for yourself. It’s not so much a workout calendar as it is about developing healthy habits for long-term success.

For me that means:

  • Daily activity of some kind
  • Healthier food choices
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Taking daily breaks

Download my Healthy Habit Tracker

So it’s less about focusing on the length of time that I’m exercising, but rather the healthy habits that I’m incorporating daily into my life.

This shift in mindset has been huge for me and is helping to propel me past my latest weight loss plateau.

How would the weight loss quiz help you with Winning the Weight Loss Game?

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Samantha K
Samantha K
6 years ago

A healthy habit tracker is a great idea! I think that would really help me be consistent! (client)