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If you’re looking to improve your health and wellness as a stay at home mom, I feel you. Usually, I don’t leave the house unless we’re going grocery shopping, to a doctor’s appointment, or for one of Sweet B’s school functions. Honestly, I prefer it like that. I do take walks when the weather is nicer but, it’s also nice to have at-home exercise options. One of the things that I hope to do is yoga, but I also want other options. That’s why I’m sharing my picks for easy core exercises to do at home.

Easy core exercises to do at home that require no additional equipment to complete.

Usually, I try to find a workout that’s going to target several muscle groups at once. That’s why, when I get around to it, I really want to start swimming again because I get a great overall workout without feeling like I’m doing too much work. Another exercise that I enjoy doing is walking, usually to a playground and then playing on the playground. I’m still short enough to use the monkey bars, so why not make use of them while I’m there? Granted, now that Squeaker is getting big enough to play on the playground, I won’t have time to play as much but that’s okay.

I’ll have more posts in this series (As I want to highlight other muscle groups, all over workouts, and a few other themes) but for this first one; I’m focusing on your core muscles. I’m sure that most of us know what these are, especially with the inundation of television and internet ads, but let’s cover this briefly. The core muscles consist of the following: transverse and rectus abdominus (located just below your sternum and going to your waist), and the lower back and outer middle muscles of your back. You could also look at your core muscles as being every muscle in your body except your arms and legs. Your core stabilizes your body and allows you to do things like bending.

Disclaimer: I am not, and have never been, a certified fitness professional. At best, I’m an amateur merely wishing to share resources that have helped me or that I have found useful. Please consult your doctor before beginning any sort of fitness regimen.

1 to 8: Mighty Fighter offers a set of 8 exercises

 9: Bent Knee Crunches from ACE Fit

10: Supine Reverse Crunches from ACE Fit

11 to 14: 4 Simple Moves from

15-17: 3 Core Exercises from LiveStrong

18 to 23: 6 Core Stregthening Exercises from Real Simple

None of these exercises require any additional equipment. Those will come in additional posts and cover equipment such as exercise balls, kettle bells, hand weights, and resistance bands.

Do you have a favorite core exercise?

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