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This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. As we continue to take steps towards a healthier life and natural living, today we discuss natural dental care. All opinions are mine alone. #NaturalGoodness #CollectiveBias

People begin to learn about dental health from a very young age, often when we lose our first tooth. But in spite of such early awareness, many people fail to maintain good dental health through their adult life. Good dental health comprises brushing and flossing your teeth every day, and regular visits to a dentist or dental hygienist as well. But, did you know that it doesn’t take harsh chemicals to keep your teeth and gums healthy? This has been a struggle for our family as we continue to take baby steps to makeover our lifestyle. One way that we’re doing this is by examining aspects of our lives where we can make simple changes. Recently, we decided to take a look at our dental care habits and how we could incorporate natural dental care into our lives.

As we continue our personal journey towards living a healthier lifestyle, we're examining aspects of our lives where we can make tiny changes. Things like natural dental care is just one way that we can make a change. #NaturalGoodness #CollectiveBias #Ad

With Squeaker, we’ve tried to instill good toothbrushing habits from the beginning. We started simply with a washcloth and have since graduated to a toddler toothpaste. She has become even more interested in brushing her teeth thanks to watching her siblings, myself, and Kyle. While it’s sometimes difficult to have everyone in the bathroom at the same time to brush teeth, it does help Squeaker learn.

I also wanted to see what changes we could make in our dental health care routine at home, which included lessening or eliminating some of the products that we had.

4 Easy Tips for Natural Dental Care

1. Brush after meals.

2. Floss between teeth every day.

3. Swish water between teeth to rinse food particles out, or better yet, use a water pick or oral irrigator designed for the job.

4. Replace your toothbrush every six months, and consider getting the electric kind for efficient cleaning. Battery-powered toothbrushes are inexpensive and easy to find if you’re not ready to invest in a countertop solution.

Another easy tip? Try replacing your toothpaste.

For a quick step to natural dental care, try swapping out your toothpaste.

For example, you could replace your existing toothpaste for Tom’s of Maine® Simply White® Clean Mint Cavity Protection Toothpaste.For children, consider Tom’s of Maine® Silly Strawberry® Anticavity Toothpaste as an option.

Tom’s of Maine offers options for the entire family.

natural dental care children

Making a switch to natural products is important to us, because I want to know what we’re consuming in all aspects of life. At first, it was more of a concern as to what was in our food but now that’s extended to more aspects of our lives. Here are just a few reasons our family uses Tom’s of Maine:

  • No artificial colors
  • No artificial flavors
  • No artificial fragrances
  • No artificial presersvatives
  • No animal ingredients or testing

And, Tom’s of Maine is- you guessed it, made in Maine! We’re proud to use products that are made right here in the United States.

Tom’s of Maine also offers other personal care products such as soap, mouthwash, and deodorant.

Are you considering natural products for your family? What products have you tried?

Are you considering leading a more natural lifestyle? Today on Just Another Mom we're sharing easy tips for natural dental care. #NaturalGoodness #Ad
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Carrie @huppiemama
8 years ago

It’s funny that you mention dental health really begins when children lose their first teeth. My daughter just lost her first tooth, and she’s so into telling everyone we meet that she lost it. Her enthusiasm is very cute! #client