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When it comes to spring cleaning, most of us just think about how we can spring clean our homes. And that’s great. But have you ever thought to spring clean your life?

Spring cleaning your house or apartment is incredibly important. You live there, after all, and you want it to look nice.

Spring cleaning can also be a great stress relief. I’ll be the first to admit, that when I’m in a bad mood- I clean. I also like to bake. And there have been many a batch of cookies to go along with a sparkling kitchen. But did you know that this is also a good time of the year to clean up your life? By now, those who make diet or health resolutions have dropped them. It’s one reason I don’t make them. But now is a good time to thing about ways to spring clean your life.

Most of the time, when people think of spring cleaning, they think about their house. Here are 6 ways to Spring clean your life.

Spring cleaning your life is easier than you think. And the benefits of it will go a long way. It can start with something as simple as clearing the clutter. Or you can spring clean your heart or spring clean your business. For that matter, here are 20 ways to spring clean your finances.

6 Ways to Spring Clean Your Life

Spring cleaning is a great opportunity to clear out everything that you do not need. Often times it is not only your home that needs a yearly scouring, but also other parts of your life. This is a time to analyze what is working for you and what is not. Here are some areas to keep in mind when making these changes.


This may be one of the most important areas in need of spring cleaning. If we do not take care of our mental or emotional health, we will find it difficult to maintain health in any other area. Spring cleaning in this area may include analyzing which things in your life make you happy, and which things have the opposite effect.

If possible, make a decision to change situations that are not contributing to mental wellness. Spring cleaning this area may also include making time to speak with a counselor or therapist.


Most of us have a desire to live well, and to treat our body right. However, over time this resolve may slip. Indulging in an unhealthy treat every now and then may become a regular occurrence, and our diets and lifestyles can slip drastically. Take a look at everything you do in regards to eating and exercise. Are you supplying your body with the nutrients it needs to thrive and feel energetic?

Exercise is essential to prevent a wide variety of diseases… are you making time for it? Spring cleaning is a great time to do a lifestyle overhaul.


How busy are you? Is your schedule manageable, or do you find yourself with never enough time? Being involved in too many things is not supportive of your health and wellness, and you may need to cut out a few activities to find time to indulge in some healthy relaxation.

When we think of spring cleaning, we often think of how we spring clean our homes, but what about our lives? Here are 6 impactful ways to spring clean your life.


What kind of relationships are you involved in? From family to friends, do your relationships build you up or destroy you? Spring cleaning is a good time to take stock of who you are spending your relationship currency on. You may find that you wish to spend less energy on someone who does not have your best interest at heart, in order to have more of yourself to give to those who do.



Are you where you wish to be career-wise? When you think about what you want most in life, is your career helping you achieve that dream? Spring cleaning is a good time to take a look at even this area of your life, and decide whether you should keep on going, or look for another more personally gratifying way to bring in an income.


What goals have you been working toward? Are the things you strive for still a good indication of who you are inside? If your original goals no longer reflect the real you, now is a great time to make some changes to your list, and begin to pursue things that truly reflect your authenticity.

Spring cleaning is a perfect opportunity to make a move from things that are no longer serving you well. It is a time of reflection and taking every detail in your life into account. Use this time to clear out the old habits that are holding you back.

You will soon be on your way to a new lifestyle filled with the things that bring you energy and joy.

How will you spring clean your life this year?

When it comes to spring cleaning, you shouldn't limit yourself to just cleaning your home. Here are 6 meaningful ways to spring clean your life.

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