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Welcome back to another week of Mommy Camp for Toddlers! This week it’s all about the alphabet. And while I’m not suggesting that your toddler will learn all of the letters the alphabet in a week, this is a good way to introduce the alphabet in a traditional way. For us, since we’re going to be using Montessori methods in our Tot School and home preschool, the alphabet will be introduced in a different way. Just remember that the point of Mommy Camp is to have fun. If something doesn’t work for you and your toddler, feel free to skip it!

In Week 3 of Mommy Camp for Toddlers, we're focusing on the alphabet.

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With Squeaker, one thing that we’ve done with her is talked to her about everything. When we read stories, we point to words and I’ll point out letters and words when we’re out and about. It’s a great way to introduce letters and words to her even if she doesn’t completely understand what they mean.

The point is that she’s aware of them and that we’re laying the foundation.

Another way that we’ve introduced the alphabet is with sign language. While I’m not fluent in sign language, I do know enough to teach her some basic signs and the alphabet.

We also have a few alphabet puzzles, alphabet magnets, alphabet blocks, and one of our favorite toys is the Leapfrog Letters and Numbers Factory.

One of the most important things when it comes to this concept?

It shouldn’t feel like work. Toddlers have short attention spans and they get frustrated easily. As parents, we know this and experience this first hand.

A really fun way to introduce the alphabet is by involving physical fitness as suggested by Kids Activities Blog.

Toddler Approved shares a fun alphabet slam game and a giant alphabet tree for toddlers.

No Time for Flashcards shares a treasure trove of easy alphabet activities for beginners.

And you can grab a complete set of simple alphabet books from The Measured Mom.

By keeping these activities fun and short, your toddler can gain exposure to the alphabet in fun and meaningful ways.

What ways do you use to teach your toddler the alphabet?

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