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Back to School Art Project for Babies

It’s been a full week since everyone has gone back to school here in New York; both of my kids and myself. I’m attending Mercy College and all of my classes will be online. To celebrate this occasion, I wanted to do another art project with Squeaker focusing on the general theme of back to school. Naturally, my first inclination was to do something with apples… and that lead to all kinds of searches through Pinterest boards for Fall projects.

Eventually, I settled on something with trees.

I think that this something that I can continue to do with her every year, and another less messy art project.

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Back to School Art Project for Babies

You Will Need:

  • a willing participant (Squeaker is 9 months old though I think this could work with almost any age infant if you have the patience)
  • a marker or other drawing tool (I’d suggest using a washable one- we ended up using Crayola 24ct Mini Twistables Crayons)
  • construction paper (green or brown- though if you want to get creative with your tree, go for it)
  • glue & scissors (optional- we keep glue sticks handy for various projects)
  • wipes (just in case)
  • paint (optional- if you want to smash paint with the Ziploc bag or if baby enjoys finger-painting)

Not quite perfect tracing of her hands

Back to School Art

If this isn’t perfect, don’t worry about it! I didn’t want to press my luck with her, so I’ll take what I can get. So long as the hand prints are near the top of the paper for your leaves, that’s all that really matters. Overlapping is also okay, and what I was ultimately going for.

Decorate Your Tree (or not)

Back to School Art

I was originally going to try and have Squeaker apple paint (half of an apple dipped in a paint color of choice) to add to her tree, but, I couldn’t find an apple quite small enough and trying to get her to actually hold a whole apple was tricky. I think this is something we’ll expand on when she’s older. So, for now, we’re leaving our tree mostly plain because I wanted this to be about her artwork not mine… and I’m not that great of an artist so I doubt I could do much. So, instead, I just drew the trunk and wrote ‘Back to School’ on it.

Finished Project

Back to School art

That’s it really! We didn’t do much in terms of embellishment because of Squeaker’s age. I think it will be fun to do this every year so I can see her progress, plus we’ll have our own unique forest of art.

Do you and your family have any special back to school things that you do together?

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Robin (Masshole Mommy)
Robin (Masshole Mommy)
9 years ago

Awww, what a cute project. I know when my boys were in preschool, they each made something similar.

Single Mother Ahoy
9 years ago

This is lovely, such a simple idea but great fun to do I bet!
Thanks for linking up with #WeekendBlogHop!

9 years ago

Totally cute. Perfect for little hands and older ones

9 years ago

Cute memory project.. my kids are too old for these projects now.. its too bad.

Lavende & Lemonade
9 years ago

That is adorable! Would be perfect in a baby scrapbook!

Misty Battle
Misty Battle
9 years ago

Such a neat idea. I wish I had done this with mine when they were little. A great keepsake.

9 years ago

This is a really cute art project. I can do this with my three year old and my two month old.

Lady Lilith
9 years ago

Looks like fun. I bet the kids love creating such creative projects.

9 years ago

Great idea! This will be a great project for when my grandchildren come and visit. Thanks for sharing.

Sarh S
9 years ago

Very cute! We do similar things.

Lois Jones
9 years ago

Such a cute idea! Neat way to remember how little their hands were!

9 years ago

This is so cute! I’m going to try it with my little one!

Yona Williams
9 years ago

It will be so cool to see the progression of Squeaker’s artwork! I love saving art-related crafts that my nephew has made.

Mrs. Mashed Up
9 years ago

Cute idea! Always looking for stuff to do with Baby Mash. Thanks.

Liz Mays
9 years ago

I think this is so sweet and really a precious memory.

Lexie Lane
9 years ago

Well I think it came out great! Always nice to have a purpose for doing something like this. 🙂 Thanks for sharing how you did it as well!