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I’m hoping that next year I’ll be more organized for MLK Jr. Day. I think it’s an important holiday to honor in terms of history so maybe that’s why I haven’t put too much emphasis on it. However, I also think it’s important for teaching diversity. So maybe we’ll do a little bit more next year. This year though, I made some quick prewriting practice sheets for Squeaker. It’s something that she’s been showing interest in as of late. And while I don’t want worksheets to be the basis of our tot school, it does help.


Some days she really wants to do these and other days she’s more interested in playing. I’m perfectly fine with that and would prefer to keep this as more of a play based experience. Starting in the fall that might change as we explore part-time preschool options outside of the home. But that’s in the fall and we’re still in January.

Let’s get to those sheets!

I’ve been on a bit of a shopping spree at TeachersPayTeachers and Edu-Clips- two of my favorite places to get clipart. And while I may not post about these things often; we do home preschool. Or tot school. In the most informal sense possible. I don’t have a schedule for this and we have yet to do a real themed unit.

That will change starting the Fall, I think. Though we may continue to keep things informal.

For now, we make do with the occasional worksheet, crafts, activities, and a lot of play. Squeaker enjoys pretend play and we also try to get outside as much as possible when the weather permits.

Prewriting practice, for us, comes in the form of “writing letters” to her cousins. And occasionally, we do prewriting sheets like these. The pack has two pages of pre-writing and two sets (M, L, K) of letter sheets.

Squeaker likes to color these in but you can also use this for cutting practice or making a collage.

She uses do-a-dot markers for these but you can also use cotton balls.

We’ll have more of these pre-writing sets as time permits but my next big projects are: an updated Chinese New Year tot pack and an updated Valentine’s Day tot pack.

How do you honor Martin Luther King Jr.?

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