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Learning about world culture and geography is so much fun for young children! My daughter and I recently did a mini-study on the Philippines. And we wanted to share with you: how to teach preschoolers about the Philippines. 

Introducing a culture study of the Philippines for Preschoolers

First, we went to trusty old Google to look up some facts about the Philippines and to find the Philippines on the map.

We learned that:

  • The Philippines are in the country of Asia
  • the official name is the Republic of the Philippines
  • There are over 7,000 islands in the Philippines
  • People in the Philippines speak English, Tagalog, and several other languages
  • People from the Philippines or of Philippine descent (like me!) are called Filipino or Filipina (male/female)
  • Luzon is the largest island in the Philippines.
  • The capital of the Philippines is Manila (which is on the island of Luzon)

After that, we decided to print out a black and white flag of the Philippines to color in:

The colors on the flag are: Red, Blue, and Yellow

Once she finished that, we colored in a Do-a-Dot style P with the colors red, blue, and yellow.

And here’s the finished P

Our next task was to explore and use our Tagalog for Kids flashcards!

My father’s side of the family is from the Philippines and while I would love to say that I can speak Tagalog, I cannot. So I think these flashcards will come in handy for both of us!

The Tagalog for Kids flashcard set comes with:

  • 64 flashcards
  • a handy wall chart
  • a CD for listening
  • and a guide for parents or teachers.

I really hope to expand on this exploration in the future! Maybe we’ll do a virtual trip around the world and share about our “travels” with you.

Want the flag and blank P that we used? You can download it for free:

The Philippines for Preschoolers

The mini pack includes a few other pages that we didn’t show in this post like a map, and cards for a matching game. Don’t forget to print out two copies of the cards if you want to do the matching game!

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Carolyn Wilhelm
6 years ago

This is such down to earth and age apprpriate information to share with the children. Thank you so much for taking the time to share! Shared on Pinterest and Twitter