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If you’re like us and find yourself ordering from Amazon often, this super simple gross motor activity is for you! You could also substitute balloons or bubble wrap but we happened to have a lot of these on hand. While we don’t mind having those packing materials around, we were looking for something else to do with them. T & J enjoy stomping on them and I can remember one day last Fall when they took a bunch of them outside to have a jump fest. Squeaker, at the time, was too little to partake. But, since she’s become more active, I thought it might be fun to try with her.

Looking for a super simple gross motor activity? Try this idea using those packing bubbles found in the Amazon boxes.

We also turned this into a counting game but counting the number of times she had to stomp before one of the bubbles would pop. And we made it into a vocabulary lesson by saying “stomp, stomp, stomp” out loud when she stepped on one of the bubbles. Then we would talk about the noise that it made when she finally popped a bubble.

We did this both inside and outside with Squeaker.

super simple gross motor play 2

Before she set about stomping and crushing bubbles, she felt the bubble compartment.

This added another component to our activity as we were able to talk about the texture and how full it was.

So maybe our simple gross motor activity wasn’t so simple after all in terms of everything extra that we ended up doing!

This was so easy to set up and for us, that’s key. All we did was lay out one of the bubble packet strips on the ground and let her have it. Squeaker had a lot of fun and we worked on several skills in the process. Over all, I would call this a win-win-win activity in my book because we covered gross motor, counting, vocabulary, and noise.

Next time, we’ll try this with other materials to see how long it takes to stomp before it pops.

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aimee fauci
8 years ago

I do this with my daycare kids but make them do it outside while I am inside. It gets their excitement out of their system.