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Working from home can be both a blessing and a curse. It means you no longer do you have to play by all the office rules. It also gives you much needed extra time in the mornings that can be wasted on commuting. However, at home, it so easy to get distracted. Forever getting distracted may mean that you spend longer working than you did before. To stop and get motivated, you need to get some methods and structures in place which help keep you on track.  


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5 tips for how to work from home effectively

Structure your day as if it is the office

This means that you need to wake up at the same time every day, get ready, make a nice hot coffee, and switch your computer at the time you intend to start. Have a regular break and lunch break. Think about the order you would do things in the office and mimic it at home. The way to be productive is to imagine it is the office, a place to work, and not something separate.

Make a home office

For those of you lucky enough to have a spare room which you can turn into an office, do so, it will give you that ‘at work’ feel. It will promote productivity and keep you focused. If you have no spare room, create a corner in the living room or bedroom, wherever most appropriate and set up your desk and chair, adding those stationery accessories which will give you the office feel and promote an atmosphere conducive to work. Ensure you have a comfortable work chair and think about doing the same desk and chair assessments that you would do in the office. If you don’t invest in a chair and desk that works for you, you will end up getting an injury.

Get the atmosphere right

Like they would in the office, you need to ensure that the temperature is correct. So, if it’s too hot, get that ac repair you should have got ages ago. Investing in the ambiance of your working conditions will go a long way. Think about smell and music, what can you add to your home office to generate a sense of being at work?

Make the most of the relative freedom

Don’t feel like you have to spend all day every day in that solitary confinement. The beauty of working from home means you can work anywhere. Take that laptop and go to the local coffee shop or restaurant. You may find that you actually work better in a busier environment. Besides, getting out and about will energize you for the afternoon slog.

Interact with other people

Do not merely get your head down and work, work, work, ensure you communicate with other people. It does not always have to be someone from the same office as you. You can use the internet and phone, even going out for coffee. Just ensure that you stick to your schedule and speak to non-work related colleagues in your breaks. Talking with other people will break up the day and help you stay on track.

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