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Working from home isn’t as easy as a lot of people expect. Being in this sort of environment means that you will have constant distractions, will have to find somewhere to work each day, and can often lead to work being slow and low quality. Some people work to solve this by going to cafes and other public spaces, though this can also have its own problems.

In reality, the best way to work from home will be from a dedicated home office, and this post will be showing you how to achieve this.

Obviously, you’re probably not willing to move house or add to your existing one for this, unless the work opportunity you have is a very big one. Instead, it will make a lot more sense for you to look for ways to use the space you already have. Most homes have a nook or two which will be able to fit a desk, computer, and a filing cabinet, and this is often more than enough to satisfy your work needs.

5 tips for finding the perfect space for your home office

The Attic

If you live in a house or top floor apartment, you will probably have access to a space underneath the building’s roof. This is called the attic, and is most commonly used for storage and insulation, but it can be turned into a fully-fledged room. Installing floorboards and drywall, along with extending the power outlets already found in the space, will give you the chance to start using your attic right away. Spaces like this can often get cold in winter, and it could be worth looking for ways to keep it warm.

The Shed

Gardens present an excellent opportunity to claim back some of the space on your property, with a lot of people using their outdoor areas for nothing more than growing weeds. With a small outdoor structure like a shed, you can build yourself a very good office, but you need to be careful. Cheap sheds won’t do for this, and you need something which can be kept very secure. Thankfully, there are a lot of companies out there which offer options like this, and many of them look exactly like a normal shed. Like your attic, you will need to find a way to keep this space warm during the colder months.

The Basement

Basements used to be a lot more popular, but many older builders still have this feature. This is an open space which sits beneath your home, and most people will use it for things like washing machines and storage. Companies like Basement Systems can help you to turn your basement into a great working space. They will be able to make sure that it is waterproof, can help you to control odors, and will even finish the whole thing for you. With this sort of support, you should be able to start using your basement as an office in no time at all.

Spare Bedrooms

If you’ve had kids who have left home or simply have a home which is too big for you, having a spare room presents an excellent office opportunity. A space like this will be ideal for your office, especially if it is separated from other rooms with walls and doors, and can easily be turned into something you could use for work every day. It’s worth making sure that you won’t need it as a bedroom in the future, though some people are happy to work in a room which also doubles as a guest room for people who want to visit.

Large Cupboards/Wardrobes

A lot of homes come with storage space built into them. Walk-in wardrobes have always been very popular, with people relishing in the chance to have a space like this for their clothing. This will take up a lot of room, though, and it often makes sense to turn storage areas like this into your office. While you may be a little bit cramped, they will still provide an area without distractions for you to work in, and this is far better than struggling to complete your work thanks to your home.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to take on the challenge of finding the perfect place for your home office. A lot of people struggle with work like this, finding it hard to know what needs to be done when they are getting distracted or are unable to work from home. In reality, though, you probably have the perfect space for this already.

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