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Buying a new home can be exciting and overwhelming. There are many uncertainties, and these can be multiplied if you need to complete work on the house. People tend to walk around potential houses and don’t realize how much work is needed to make it a home. When you suddenly become influxed with millions of projects that need completing it can become a little overwhelming. 

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Not knowing where to start can be incredibly hard, so here is a short guide to help: 

5 tips for where to start with a home renovation


Make A List 

This may seem really simple, but it’s absolutely the best place to start. You can’t expect to remember exactly what needs to be completed if you don’t write it down to refer back to. It’s also the best way to grasp exactly what needs doing and will enable you to prioritize. If you’ve recently bought a house then chance are you’ve already had a survey, that’s your place to start Once you have this you can then add personal jobs to the list. 


Sort Out The List

You’ve probably got the longest list you’ve ever seen once you’ve noted absolutely everything down. Now it’s time to sort it out. You should it room by room and by priority. If there is anything that is classed as important from any surveys you should do these first. You could also break the list down into categories that include plumbing, electrics, plastering, painting and decorating and interior design, there is no right or wrong way to do this.


When you start to prioritize your list, you can look deeper into certain aspects, such as which brands bring more value for money, and which will result in better resale value. This is, no doubt, the fun bit! You have the opportunity to research everything that will work for the aesthetics of the home and your wallet. If you’ve been looking into Kirsch Drapery Hardware or been lusting after AXOR faucets, let your inner interior designer go wild, but be ruthless, because you will have to start crossing out 90% of your list!


Look For Help 

Once you have everything in order it’s time to ask for help.

First off you could approach family and friends to chip in and help with the smaller jobs but you may need the help of professional services for other areas. It’s not the tie to get professional quotes and to find out what’s involved with some of the bigger jobs. Have a look around for plumbers, painting service and a landscaper and ask them to complete quotes, you can get a good idea of what sort of budget you’re going to need to complete the whole renovation project then too.

Make sure when you’re getting quotes you ask for more than one, this way you can control the budget and maybe even barter with the price. 


Write A Detailed Plan 

Ok, so you might have thought that you have it all sorted now that you have your list, it’s arranged into categories and you have set your budget with quotes, however, it’s now time to write a detailed plan of all the work that needs to be carried out.

Plan out each specific project, create a timeline for each and even go as far as writing a step by step guide for yourself. This is a foolproof way of ensuring it gets completed properly and on time. Even if the things on your list just say ‘get the electrician in’ at least you will know what point your at in your project. 


Start with the easier tasks first. 

Home renovations take a lot of time and energy – meaning it’s important that you find a way to ease yourself into the process where possible. For example, you might want to start with some of the easier or more low-maintenance spaces in your home first, so that you can ease yourself into the world of renovations.


This could mean, for example, that you start by transforming your garage space. To begin with, you could replace your old, cracked flooring with an Epoxy Garage Floor. Not only does this flooring look fantastic, it’s also highly practical and long-lasting, meaning you won’t need to replace it again in a hurry.

Get Stuck In 

The most enjoyable part of a home renovation project is to watch it gradually transition from a tired and old looking home into a bright and vibrant new one. Whether this means getting stuck in yourself with the various DIY tasks such as painting or wallpapering, you can also see these remarkable transitions when you hire professional contractors like  deck builders who work in your garden.

The journey of changing how your home previously looked into something brand new is an enjoyable part of any home renovation project. So try to get involved as much as you can and enjoy the process along the way.

Once you’ve dealt with the flooring, you could repaint the wall or install new shelving options that make garage organization a breeze. Once you’ve tackled the garage (or have been able to practice your DIY skills a little more), you’ll likely feel better equipped to move onto other more complicated areas of home renovations.

This short guide should get you off to a good start with planning a renovation project of your own. Do you have any other tips that you can share in the comments? 


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