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When it comes to detoxing in the spring, this isn’t just for your house or your life. In fact, you should do both. Here’s how to detox your house and your body though not at the same time. This goes a long way in your overall self-care routine.

How to Detox Your Body from the Inside Out

Spring cleaning really isn’t just limited to your home. There are ways that you can spring clean your life as well. And, of course, you can always spring clean your body.

But how? 

Well, I don’t just mean by taking an extra long shower. 

You might be revisiting resolutions that you made at the beginning of the year. Or, now that the warmer weather is around the corner, you may start planning on being more active outdoors. 

Whatever the case may be, let’s start from the inside out. 

If you haven’t already tried it, consider fruit-infused water to help combat dehydration. If you’re intending to get back to actively working out in the spring, you’ll want to be especially careful about proper hydration. Infused water gives plain water a little bit of a flavor boost and the added benefits of nutrients from fruits, vegetables, or herbs that you use. You can start simple with lemons or limes, or add in berries. 

My favorite combination is cucumber, mint, and lemon.

Spring is also a great time to start evaluating your overall diet. Now, I’m not suggesting that you change up things completely. But, you can start small and make changes here and there. 

  • Try a fresh salad 
  • Add in extra protein to your day such as a hard boiled egg
  • Fresh fruits are also delicious 
  • Add in spring superfoods like tuna, salmon, artichokes, asparagus, spinach, strawberries, blueberries, oats, or whole grains

Don’t do this all at once and be gentle with your body. Give yourself time to adjust and make small tweaks as you can.

How to Clean and Detox Your Home for Spring

Cleaning gives you a fresh start on your home, which is probably why so many people set aside time for spring cleaning. One of the first, and easiest things, that you can do is to open as many windows as possible to let in the fresh air. Once it begins circulating, your home will feel less stuffy. 

Another way to help get cleaner air is by changing air filters in the HVAC system. Check individual units such as heaters or air conditioners to see if they can be removed so you can wash them or replace them completely. 

If you don’t have plants in your home already, now could be a great time to start bringing them in. Of course, if you are a seasonal allergy sufferer, you really don’t want to invite the source of potential allergies in so look for plants that won’t irritate your system. For me, personally, I can’t really have flowers inside so we look for potted plants instead. 

How often do you declutter? Decluttering is a process that you might already be practicing regularly, but if you haven’t yet? This is a great time to start. Decluttering doesn’t just mean cleaning up messes and putting things away though. True decluttering also involves getting rid of items. You could start thinking of ideas for what you can sell at a yard sale.

After you’ve decluttered, a deep cleaning just might be in order. Sure, you’ve probably cleaned the standard spots like your kitchen, vacuumed floors, and maybe dusted some furniture. Now, why don’t you take it one step further and wash baseboards, curtains or blinds, windows, and rooms that you normally don’t include in a weekly cleaning schedule. You should try to deep clean these areas at least once during the year, so why not now?

Why You Should Start Journaling in the Spring

Spring is a great time, overall, to start fresh. Many love to start a garden or develop a new habit. One of those habits, if you don’t do it already, is journaling. I am a bit of a planner and journal junkie so I keep more than a few journals around for any given purpose. I do use a digital system for planning, but when it comes to journaling? You really can’t beat old fashioned pen and paper. Or pencil and paper, in my case.

One of my favorite things with seasonal journaling is finding a decorative journal cover to match. I know this may seem a little silly, but it really does make a difference to me. 

Some prompts that you can use for your new journaling habit:

  • What is your favorite thing about Spring?
  • Do you have a favorite childhood memory?
  • What is your favorite spring flower?
  • Do you like to garden? What would you like to include this year?
  • What are some healthy habits that you want to work on?

That’s really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to potential topics.


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