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Do you have an early reader on your hands? Here’s how to engage an early reader with Pathways 2.0 in your homeschool.

I have always loved to read. As a young child, I enjoyed being read to. And when I was old enough to start reading on my own, I consumed books.

All the time.

It shouldn’t have been too much of a surprise that my youngest would be the same way.

I just wasn’t expecting for her to show that much interest.

And while we had intended to at least formally homeschool Kindergarten, I wanted to start a little bit early.

We are doing an adapted year round schedule, with language arts and math making up the core of our program.

*This post was sponsored by Kendal Hunt Publishing. I was given the curriculum to try with my family, and I was compensated for my time. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own, and I was not required to give a positive review. Please see my full disclosure for details. Also please note this is a Christian, faith-based curriculum.

A Comprehensive Language Arts Program with Pathways 2.0

While my daughter has been enthusiastic about the reading piece, it’s the spelling and writing that we’re running into issues.

She would have no problem with the sight words, initial sounds, or word families.

But the spelling and writing? Not her favorite.

So what to do?

Well, when we had the opportunity to use Pathways 2.0, I knew that we had a great starting point.

We were provided with a book and a teacher’s daily guide. Since we’re still trying to find the rhythm for our homeschool (and especially on a year round schedule), I didn’t want to overwhelm my daughter.

There are times that she is incredibly motivated to do work, and times that she’d just rather play. Which is understandable. She’s only 4.

After looking through the teacher’s daily guide, I realized how adaptable this could be for our year round homeschool.

Using the Pathways 2.0 Language Arts In Our Homeschool

We did take a look at the initial sound cards:

She took great care in cutting out the cards by herself and then following the instructions to write the initial sound on the back:

Later in the week, we worked on the sight words:

Saving the writing tasks for the next day:

But, her favorite part about this?

Right away, she was eager to sit down and read. I offered to sit and read with her, but she wanted to read independently.

Pathways 2.0 and Our Homeschool

We will continue to use Pathways 2.0 throughout the rest of our summer session.

When you use Pathways 2.0 in your homeschool you get:

  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Comprehension

And there are several themes used:

  • Heroes
  • My World
  • Living Things
  • Walking with God
  • Friends and Family
  • Enviornment
  • Personal Feelings
  • Yesterday
  • Social Issues

Your teacher’s daily guide clearly lays out the steps needed for each day and all you have to do is follow the lesson.

Here’s where you can learn more about Pathways 2.0 if you want to use it in your homeschool. They also have a brochure that outlines the different units available for each grade.

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