How to Prepare a Cantry for New Cat Parents 2

How to Prepare a Cantry for New Cat Parents

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Creating a cat friendly cantry has never been easier! Stock up on your favorite brands like the one pictured below!

How to Prepare a Cantry for New Cat Parents 3

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If my cat were to keep a diary, I would imagine that the morning entry would go something like this:

  • Listen for sounds of human waking up
  • If door does not open within ample time, scratch at door
  • If door still does not open, meow and scratch at door
  • Race the human down the stairs
  • Meow as the human still seems to think the liquid in the pot is more important
  • Continue meowing until the human produces the can of food
  • Wait for the human to realize that the food must be on my dish

That’s her usual routine, regardless of the day of the week. She waits for me to wake up, goes downstairs with me and waits (somewhat patiently) while I make coffee. I like to think I’m her human, or at the very least, she recognizes me as such.

I’m pretty sure she chose me just as much as I chose her.

How to Prepare a Cantry for New Cat Parents 4

She’s always been a fairly selective cat when it comes to what she’ll eat. She prefers Purina® and we recently realized that we could start purchasing Purina® ONE at our local PetSmart.

How to Prepare a Cantry for New Cat Parents 5

We already like to purchase Purina® Tidy Cats Free & Clean Unscented Scoop from there, so it only made sense to start purchasing dry food as well.

How to Prepare a Cantry for New Cat Parents 6

We were also lucky enough to receive a fun box!

How to Prepare a Cantry for New Cat Parents 7

I was curious to see if my cat would have any interest in the Paws of Fate cards but alas, no. It was still pretty fun to look at.

How to Prepare a Cantry for New Cat Parents 8

Keep in mind, this cat usually takes no interest whatsoever in traditional cat toys. She absolutely loved the mice!

How to Prepare a Cantry for New Cat Parents 9

How else can you make the most of this? By creating a Cat Cantry! When you buy products in larger sizes, you may not need all of it right away. Keep dry food fresh by storing it in large, resealable containers. Store your litter in the pantry as well. Make space for your cat’s favorite canned food, and if your cat is anything like mine, you’ll want them out of the box so you can see the labels. This helps me to make sure that she’s not getting the same flavor every day.

My cat has become my constant companion.

She gets me and I get her.

That’s why I have no problems taking extra steps to make sure that she’s happy.

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