How to Make Teaching Math In Your Homeschool Easy 2

How to Make Teaching Math In Your Homeschool Easy

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Math is not my forte and quite honestly, this was always a concern for me when it came to homeschooling. I have never been the best at math, and the thought of having to help my daughter with her math homework? Not a good feeling at all. But, when we were given the opportunity to try out CTCMath in our homeschool, I had a great feeling about it. My youngest loves being able to use the computer like her work at home mom. And I’m all about letting her use it for lessons. Now that we have this homeschool math curriculum? We are both feeling more confident about it.

How to Make Teaching Math In Your Homeschool Easy 3

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Interactive Homeschool Math Curriculum for Young Learners

My daughter, we suspect, is on the gifted side and that is one reason we have opted to homeschool.

Part of the reason we held off on math is because we wanted to find a curriculum that would grow with her. Or that we could adapt to her levels. With CTC math, we were able to find just what we needed.

How to Make Teaching Math In Your Homeschool Easy 4

Why We Love CTC Math for Our Homeschool

We are able to move between the levels that we know work for her and we are able to do so easily. She started by choosing 2nd grade and then tried Kindergarten. Once she was used to the platform, she finally settled on the 1st grade level.

How to Make Teaching Math In Your Homeschool Easy 5

She enjoys sitting at the computer and doing her lessons there and for her, it was easy to navigate and figure out. I love that she can do her lessons mostly independently as we are aiming to have that as one of the goals for our homeschool. CTC Math has been an ideal fit for us and she loves that she can do this on her own. I love that the lessons are laid out clearly and that if I need to help, I am able to do so easily.

As I mentioned already, math has never been my strong point. But, I think if I’d had something like this when I was younger, I would have been able to thrive.

Having CTC Math to use alongside hands-on manipulatives and other learning methods has been perfect for our family. I can easily reinforce the lessons that she’s learning on CTC Math without having to come up with all of the material on my own.

How to Make Teaching Math In Your Homeschool Easy 6

The lessons are laid out in such a way that makes sense for her and is easy enough for me to follow along. If we need to find additional help, we really don’t need to look much further than CTC Math for our homeschool math solution.

Further, CTC Math is affordable for our family and is something that I can incorporate into my autistic daughter’s afterschooling program. 

Home Schooling Families receive a massive 60% Discount from regular price. Purchase any 12 Month Membership and receive a bonus 6 months for FREE! (total 18 months). We absolutely love the value that we received from CTC Math as we can start with the level we need and progress from there. We can review as needed and if we need to go back to a lesson multiple times, we can do that as well.

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