Are you looking for free printable worksheets for autism? Or how about free American Sign Language printables?

While it may not have been the initial primary focus, one of the focuses has always been to provide resources for families with children on the autism spectrum. One of the ways I can do this is by sharing free printable resources for autism. 

Whether that was through helpful articles or printable packs, being a mom of a teenager on the autism spectrum has given me an interesting perspective on life.

I’m not trying to claim that my journey is the first and I know that it won’t be the last. However, if I can help someone else along the way; I will feel all the better. From expressing my own experience with the initial diagnosis to handling (and not handling) the guilt and unexpected grief that followed; it has always been my hope that this blog can be of some help. That’s why I wanted to gather all of the free printables for autistic children that I’ve created so far. And I say so far because there are definitely plans for more.

These free autism materials are sorted by type and intended use as you’ll see them sorted out by type and/or intended category to address. The links will take you to the original posts where you can also learn more about the printable pack and why it was created.

Are you the parent of an autistic child? Take a look at the Autism Family Guide – a free resource from Kori at Home.

    Printable Sign Language Resources for Autism

    These printables are ideal for learning the basics of American Sign Language 

    Printable Worksheets for Autistic Students

    These printables are for teachers — with a variety of themes, mostly helping with letter recognition and fine motor skills.

    And for more themed worksheets and activities, be sure to check out the Preschool Printables page.

    And if you are the parent of an autistic child and/or supporting parents of autistic children, do check out the Autism Family Guide.

    • Calming Strategies
    • Daily Routine Cards and Schedule
    • Personal Hygiene Cards for Boys and Girls
    • Printable ID Cards
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