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Tracing is a good way to teach handwriting. Preschoolers are still learning proper letter formation. As they work on those skills, you can provide them with opportunities to trace letters, words, and sentences. 

Today, I have a wonderful pack of autumn worksheets that provide handwriting practice for preschoolers. Each page provides a chance for little ones to build fine motor skills as they fine tune their handwriting skills.

Fall Handwriting Practice for Preschoolers

This handwriting pack contains a set of handwriting pages that features a fun autumn scene to color along with a full descriptive sentence to trace. 

Coloring provides an opportunity to build motor skills as children learn to grip their crayons or markers properly. They can work on color recognition as they decide on colors for each section of the image that they’re coloring.

In addition to coloring and handwriting practice, kids will learn about letters, words, and sentences as they complete each page. If you choose, you can show your preschoolers how letters come together to form words and words come together to make sentences. 

If you have older preschoolers, point out how each sentence begins with a capital letter and ends with a period/punctuation mark. It isn’t important for them to remember these things. For now, you’re just planting seeds for later learning.

This handwriting pack makes a great on-the-go activity, as well. You can print the pages and place them in a 3-prong folder to create a handwriting/coloring book for your preschoolers. 

Then, take it along with you as you go out to dinner or head to church. Tuck some crayons and a pencil into your bag, and pull these pages out to provide a quiet activity for your preschoolers. 

Another idea is to have your preschoolers color the pages without tracing the sentences. After they’re colored, slip the pages in a page protector or laminate them. Then, your preschoolers can use dry erase markers to trace the sentences over and over again for ongoing handwriting practice. 


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