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While we are setting up our afterschool at home schedule, I’m also looking at my autistic daughter’s IEP goals. This is how I set up our themes and activities. I do admit, I look to preschool and PreK for inspiration for themes as I still have my books from when I co-taught. However, I also know that I need to modify the activities to my daughter’s level.

I have yet to figure out her literacy level but she is really good at matching, sorting, and identifying colors. So we take her strengths and also build up the weaknesses. 

I can cater the worksheets for her and for this next set of free printable autism worksheets, we have a numbers printable. 

How to use these free Fall themed numbers worksheets for autism

As mentioned above, we use these in our afterschool at home program. We have one hour after she gets home where we work on academic skills and reinforcing her existing IEP goals. 

We use the worksheets for about 15-20 minutes of that time and then we move on to something else. 

The worksheets are always for some academic purpose. Whether that’s language arts, math, or social studies. I’ll also take a look at what her classroom teacher has planned and build off of those activities as well. 

The rest of the time is something hands-on. Whether it’s life skills, science, or sensory. She needs that and I love to be able to help her with that.

To round out our Fall theme, we’ll probably incorporate some of these autumn painting activities.

Variations of the Counting Clip Cards for Fine Motor Work

We use the clip cards, included in the set, for several things:

  • With clothespins (As they’re meant to be used)
  • With pom poms
  • With dab-a-dot markers
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We also incorporate sign language into just about everything and this worksheet set is no exception. 

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We are also using some of the elements for my five year old in her homeschooling though she also told me that it was “too easy” — she did at least cooperate long enough to get some pictures done.

What’s included in the Fall numbers and counting worksheets

This numbers worksheet set covers numbers 0-10 and does include ASL. 

There are clip cards (0-10 in print numbers & ASL)

Then self-correcting puzzles in print & ASL

You can see them in action here (my cutting skills aren’t always the best when I’m rushing though)


Next, there are tracing pages which we also like to use for Playdough mats

And finally, there’s an interactive reader:





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