Dear friend,

I’ve come to realize that I touch on dealing with the initial autism diagnosis quite a bit. And while this was initially a part of my resources and encouragement for special needs parents, I felt that it was time for these particular posts to be together.

Feeling overwhelmed by your child's new autism diagnosis? I've been there too. Let me help you deal with the initial diagnosis in a healthy way.

This time can be trying and it can be overwhelming to say the least. Maybe you had some suspicions and maybe you were just as blindsided as I was.

Whatever the case may be, I want to help.

How to Deal with the Initial Diagnosis

I have attempted to chronicle my own story through this blog. Granted, it hasn’t always been a pleasant process but one that I feel is necessary. Often, I find that writing can be incredibly cathartic. 

Other times? Not so much.

But, it is a goal to be open and honest with you so I know that it’s important to share my story. 

Whether it was starting from the very beginning and learning how to reconcile my feelings (or not, as you may see when I get to the autism and grief post) or going through the process all over again after my youngest child was born.

* Autism and Grief

* A Letter to Parents with a Recently Diagnosed Child

* Finding Joy in the Diagnosis

* Top Ten Books for New Families

* How to Recognize Signs of Autism in Toddlers

* Early Signs of Autism to Look For

* How to Build a Support Network

* Coping Skills for Parents

* Reconciling Your Feelings After an Autism Diagnosis

* How to Handle the Mom Guilt Following an Autism Diagnosis

* How to Understand the Autism Diagnosis Process

Want more help and advice? Grab my New Autism Diagnosis workbook!

One of these days, I will also get into how I got over this terminology and have come to embrace the role of autism advocate as well.

When it came to the initial autism diagnosis, I couldn't have been more unprepared. My reactions were overwhelming and I never would have expected for grief to be one of them.

While I would still recommend that you read the posts as well, I also recognize and understand that you may not always have the time. The eBook is just the posts together, so it’s easier to get all of them.

And it also brings an invitation to discuss, share, and heal.

The initial autism diagnosis can be overwhelming and scary. This adventure that you’re about to embark on will change you in so many ways.

My Best Tip for Coping with the Autism Diagnosis

Don’t give up. 

You will grow, you will be frustrated, but you will get through it.

I promise. Just don’t give up.

Your child is still your child. They still need you. They still love you. Love them unconditionally as if nothing has changed.

Because really, nothing has changed. And everything has changed.

But it will be okay. Maybe not right away, but eventually, it will be okay. And you will be okay.


From an autistic autism mom to you

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