Free Resources for Parents of Autistic Children

One of the main things that I’ve always wanted to do, was to be able to support and provide for the community.


Now, as I’ve identified the ways I can do that, I’m opening up all of the free printable resources that I’ve ever created.


What you’ll find here is a labor of love, time, and service for autistic children.

All I ask is that you retain credit.


If you are having difficulty accessing the downloads, simply CLICK HERE and you will be taken to a folder where you’ll find all of the resources.

Free Visual Supports for Autistic Children

Setting up a routine at home is important for your autistic child.


Using visual supports like these are just one way to get started.


For more ideas and tips, please see the suggested blog posts below.

Free Behavioral Support Resources for Autistic Children

Create calming strategies to support your autistic child.


From sensory meltdowns to general overload and overwhelm, this is how you as a parent can provide support.

Free Identification and Advocacy Resources for Autistic Children

As parents, we do our best to keep our autistic child safe.

Whether that’s at home or in the community.

We also know that it’s important for us to be able to speak up. And further, how to empower our children to speak up for themselves.


See the resources below for additional tips and support.