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Must you be aware of the importance of protein in your body? Right. Earlier, a few studies about how protein helps muscle building: ligament strength, joint structuring, and calcium. Today, the number of studies and the depth of research has increased manifold, and now we know so much more about different types of proteins, their importance, and so on. 

The most common protein in your body is collagen. You must have heard from your dermatologist or aestheticians about how it helps maintain the skin’s elasticity. You’d be surprised to know that it offers so much more. This article mentions the health benefits of collagen. 


How do you upkeep the collagen production in your body? 

Collagen is a naturally occurring protein in the body, and it is in abundance. Between the 20s and 30s, the body starts to break the accumulated collagen to provide numerous health benefits. After entering the thirties, your body reduces production, so you may need to take collagen peptides powder as a supplement. It helps in maintaining the required level in the body. In addition, it is easy to have; you can add a scoop or two as per the advice into your coffee, milkshake, smoothie, etc. It mixes instantly. 


The body does not stop the production but reduces and slows the process. Medical experts advise a good diet to ensure the output does not contain. instead, keep feeding the body with the required elements, such as: 


Health benefits of collagen supplements

There are a variety of health benefits of collagen supplements. 


  • Skin health 

It is a skin-strengthening tissue, thus ensuring skin elasticity and hydration. As you age, the production reduces, leading to dryer skin and wrinkle formation. Upkeep the collagen intake helps slow the aging process and helps achieve a more structured skin. 


  • It helps maintain the integrity of cartilage.

Collagen helps in protecting the cartilage in your joints. As a result, you feel less joint pains and experience an improvement in symptoms of osteoarthritis. Some studies suggest that more than 500 people took 10gm collagen for 24 weeks every day. It resulted in a reduction in their joint stiffness and pain. 


  • It can help in boosting muscle mass.

Sarcopenia is an age-related health issue wherein a person begins to lose his muscle mass. Taking in supplements of the muscle-strengthening tissue helps regain the lost muscle mass. Collagen supplements also promote creatinine production, thus stimulating muscle growth after exercise. 


  • Other benefits 

A few studies suggest that collagen helps improve hair and nail strength. Some practitioners recommend that it also aids in treating the leaky gut syndrome. Similarly, there are various claims on how it helps improve mood, metabolism, brain health, etc. However, the research is on to find out further benefits of collagen. 


Final Words 

Collagen is an important protein that is present abundantly in your body. Even when the production decreases, your body still produces it. You can ensure a good amount of collagen in your body by taking supplements in the form of powder and increasing the protein intake in your diet. Doctors recommend consulting a dietician before increasing the protein intake to ensure you are not overconsuming protein products. 


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