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Inventors are constantly trying to come up with new ideas to make life at home easier. Sometimes they fail, but many times, they also succeed, giving normal people like us something that actually makes a big difference to our lives.


In this post, we take a look at some of the home gadgets that make your house so much better. Check them out below. 


A Doggy Paw Cleaner


Your dog’s paws are filthy 90 percent of the time. Unlike people, dogs aren’t particularly interested in personal hygiene.


Usually, the only solution is to dump them in the bath and then spend half an hour lathering them up with soap. However, clever inventors have come up with a type of doggy paw cleaner that looks a bit like a cup. All your dog has to do is place its paws in the device and it’ll scrub any dirt and grime instantly. Then, when you’ve finished using it, you just rinse it out in the sink. 


Fixed Knife Sharpener


We all saw people in our families sharpening carving knives with a pole while we were growing up. However, thanks to new gadgets, you don’t have to have a particularly good technique.


With modern systems, the operation is easy. You just place the knife in the sharpener and then draw it back a couple of times. Two pieces of hardened material then shave metal from the knife, leaving you with a sharper blade. 




Humidity levels can rise too high in some homes, leading to mold. And that’s a problem. When mold impacts the quality of air in your home it can lead to all sorts of upper respiratory problems. 


Dehumidifiers are simple devices that take moisture out of the air. They work by cooling down metal elements, encouraging the formation of condensation. Water in the air then trickles down into a collection tank, ready for you to pour it down the sink. Don’t be surprised if you remove a liter of water from your home per day or more, particularly if you have a steamy bathroom. 


Shower Curtain Clips


Getting your shower curtain to do the things that you want it to do can be notoriously challenging. The plasticated material is like a stubborn child, never quite obeying your instructions. 


Fortunately, though, you can now get curtain clips to deal with this insolence. These stick to the tiles and help you easily fold away the curtain once open. 


Silicone Food Huggers


When you leave a half-chopped onion in the fridge with no protection, the air gets to it, starts to react with it, and then stinks out the rest of your refrigerator. It’s not ideal. 


That’s why so many people are now investing in silicone food huggers. These stop the air from getting it, protecting half-chopped fruits and veggies until you next want to use them. 


Blind Duster


Lastly, you might want to invest in a special kind of duster for your blinds. These grasp onto each panel, removing dirt and grime from both top and bottom in a scissor-like action. 

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