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The best camera you have is the one that you use the most. And while it might seem that Instagram is heaving with professional photos taken with a top-of-the-line DSLR – most of them aren’t. Your mobile phone, in most cases, can produce stunning food photos. 

Here are some quick tips to take your food photos from a blurry mess to a beautiful dish. 

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Grid setting

Your phone has a grid setting, and this setting will help you to use the rule of thirds. You can use it to make sure your lines are straight, that you have equal spacing. For an Android/Galaxy you can check the settings in your photos, an iPhone has the grid on a toggle. 

Angles are angels 

There are two angles that just elevate food photos to another level. One of them is from eye level, or just below your subject. The other is a bird-eyes view. If you are going to choose a birds eye view, then you need to get as high as possible so that you get the whole subject in the frame. 

Close up: gives you textures, crumbs, steam, and details.

Birds eyes view: gives you a wider shot, more in focus, and the entire table.


When you get good, you can take a photo of a white plate, with white food, and white background and it will look like minimalist bliss. In the meantime, it is most likely going to look bland and uninteresting. 

Props can help you to lift your photos. Using flat lay backgrounds to place plates on is a big trick. You can make your own from wallpaper, or vinyl tiles. A popular option is ones that look like wooden floors, or bricks. 

Your plates can also be a big point too. They can bring a specific style to your shots. The glazed look on ceramic plates can bring light and interest to a shot too. 


The more natural light you can get the better. If you happen to be in a restaurant, it can be a bit more difficult. However, a mobile ring light in your bag can make all the difference.  Flash can make your food look washed out, picks up grease or water pools, and makes the food look unappetizing. 

Lighting from the side or above is the best option to capture all of the color and texture. 


If you choose to edit your photos, it is better to keep that style of edit through your photos. It will give a cohesive look to your Instagram grid, and that style can be something that you hone over time. 

Avoid the Instagram built-in filters, and opt for a preset and lightroom. The presets take all of the work out of the edit, and you’ll get the look you want quickly. 

Food photos are popular and a lot of fun to style. You can experiment with what looks best and works for you, and cook lots of different foods, getting creative n the kitchen.

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