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It’s been awhile since I’ve posted about blogging. I had started my baby steps to blogging series with no real intent of how often to update it or what topics to cover. However, recently I was thinking of potential topics that I would have wanted to learn about earlier on in my blogging days. And since I’ve passed my one year blogiversary with this blog, I wanted to start up again with the series. This may or may not be posted weekly, depending on time and motivation. We’ll see what we see! For now, I want to kick this back off with a topic that many bloggers wonder about and that’s how to make money blogging. Now, I’ve said it before: if one of your reasons for starting a blog is to make money? You will fail. Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme. But, if you can make the commitment, then yes- it is definitely possible to make money from your blog.

One thing that many bloggers consider at one point in their blogging career is how to make money blogging. Today I'm going to start a series about what's worked for me.

I am not promising that these methods will work for you all of the time. Each blogger, and therefore each blog, is different.

So what am I going to cover through this four part series?

  • Making money with sponsored posts
  • Making money with ads and ad networks
  • Making money with affiliate networks
  • Making money with social media accounts

I’ll share with you what’s worked for me, and yes, I will be 100% transparent about it. No holds barred.

Of course, before you consider monetizing you will need to have a blog first or at the very least, have a plan in place to start a blog.

I started my blog on GoDaddy and it was started as a personal website, just like I used to have several years ago. GoDaddy, for me, was a fine place to start. After that, I moved to A Small Orange, where I’m currently hosted.

So what else do you need to start a blog?

Aside from a host, you’ll need a domain name and a name for your blog. Ideally, your blog name and domain name should be one in the same. It should be easy to remember and it should be reflective of you.

I’ve discussed why I chose Just Another Mom for my blog in the past. It’s who I am. I’m one of the many moms on the internet. But I also want to standout from the crowd. I’m in the process of doing that and I think that I’m well on my way.

What else will you need to start a blog?

Try to determine your niche in advance. There’s no saying that you can’t change it later on, I did. But if you can determine your niche, or what you want to blog about, it may go easier for you in the beginning. To figure out your niche, ask yourself what you’re passionate about and what you enjoy talking to people about.

Write down five to seven topics and then write down sub-topics for each of those topics.

Those topics will eventually lay the foundation for the categories on your blog.

Of course, you’ll also need content so start writing on your chosen topics.

I’m not going to go into any further detail about how to start a blog because there are thousands of blog posts and eBooks about that already. I just wanted to set up a little bit of information.

Next week, I’ll get into how to make money with sponsored posts.


One of the questions that many bloggers ask themselves is how to make money blogging. Today, I'm kicking off a series that covers this important topic.
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