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The living room within our humble abode is still the space where we congregate as a brood, share stories, watch TV, and relax. We love kicking back on the sofa and enjoying the latest box set on Netflix or chilling out in front of the fireplace with a hot mug of coffee. As the festive season approaches, we yearn for that cozy feeling even more. To achieve this, you need to declutter your living room and enjoy a more light and clutter-free existence. Check out these three simple ways to create a decluttered living room.


The first aspect of your newfound clutter-free existence is ensuring that your living room is clean. This means setting your robot vacuum off on its chores every week to create a dust and debris-free floor space. Our carpets can hold a whole host of unhygienic germs and bacteria that need cleaning regularly. With sensors attached to its chassis, a robot vacuum can take the stress and time pressure out of keeping your floorboards, laminate, and rugs dust free. The clever bit of tech will map your entire floor space and ensure that every inch is cleaned. You could even set it off on its chore prior to leaving the house for work only to return in the evening to find a perfectly clean and hygienic living space. There’s nothing better than a dust and debris free feeling underfoot.


Decluttering is an art form, especially if you are a newbie and you have a lot of ‘stuff’ to wade through. Many ornaments and knick-knacks that we own that are clogging up our bookcases are not relevant to the way we live today. If you are happy to give up some of these ornaments, consider listing them on eBay if they are in good condition. One person’s junk really is another person’s treasure and you could find yourself with a little decluttering side hustle on your hands. Alternatively, you can donate items to goodwill and thrift shops if this is more appropriate. Anything sentimental that you want to keep but you don’t want on show can be stored in your garage or attic space. If you haven’t used something in twelve months, consider getting rid of it. While it can be hard to let go, you will feel the mental health and physical well being benefits of a more spacious environment.


To maintain the cozy nature of your living room, you have to invest in some nifty storage solutions. If your room doesn’t have the space to accommodate large bookcases or shelving units, think about nifty little footstools that become ottoman storage when needed. These two-in-one furniture and storage solutions can be perfect for limited and small living spaces. Storage is something that we all need so ensure that you consider the home hacks that can help you save space. Use your chimney breast alcoves for displaying your books, your family photographs, and your heirlooms. You can still personalize your space without it looking cluttered and messy.

Follow this simple guide and you can create a decluttered living room fit for those cozy winter nights.

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