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Life as a mom is hectic. When you get home after a busy day, you want to feel relaxed and calm. If your home isn’t quite the tranquil haven you crave, or you find it hard to switch off or wind down, here are some tips to create a more soothing, serene space. 

Making your home work for your family

Our homes have taken on a variety of roles in the last year, with many of us working from home, balancing parenting and doing a job, and teaching our kids in dining rooms, kitchens and spare bedrooms. Although restrictions are easing, many of us have been inspired to make changes at home and consider renovation projects. If your home doesn’t work on a practical level, there are ways to enhance functionality. 

One of the most popular options to consider is adjusting the layout of your living space. If you love the idea of being able to watch over or chat with your kids while you cook dinner or you want to be able to watch TV together or help with homework without going into a different room, open-plan living is a brilliant idea. Kitchen remodeling can help you design a family-friendly space that works for you. From knocking down walls to modifying the layout of units and islands, there are lots of ways to make your living areas more versatile and to make life easier and more enjoyable. Think about how you like to spend your time, where you spend time as a family within the home and the kind of lifestyle you’d like to enjoy before you start discussing plans or making decisions. 

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Creating quiet zones

Every parent loves spending time with their kids but it’s natural to enjoy me-time too. If you find it hard to relax at home, it’s crucial to make sure that there is space to relax and wind down, as well as to hang out and play with your kids and spend time together. Creating adult and child-friendly zones is a fantastic way to find a healthy balance. Even if you only have a corner of the living room available or a spot on the landing to curl up on a bean bag with a good book, it’s important to have access to quiet, private zones you can retreat to after a busy day or a long week. 

Reducing stress

Being a parent can be stressful. Your home can play an integral part in helping you to manage stress and feel calmer and more serene. Try to ensure that your home doesn’t add to stress and anxiety by keeping on top of tidying, decluttering regularly and making space for activities and hobbies that make you feel content and calm. From yoga and painting to writing and listening to music, we all need to take time out. Choose tranquil, soothing colors for rooms that are designed to promote relaxation and use storage to make tidying up easy and keep clutter at bay. Add soft furnishings and ambient lighting to bedrooms and quiet zones to create cozy, inviting spaces. 

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Life can get hectic when you’re a mom, and it can be tough to switch off, even when you’re at home in your happy place. If you’re struggling to relax, take these tips on board to turn your home into a haven. 

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