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Living with asthma can be challenging. From chest tightness to shortness of breath, there are a host of symptoms that can affect the quality of your everyday life, but did you know that your home environment could actually be worsening your symptoms? There are several allergens – such as pollen, dust, and mold – that could be lurking inside your home and flaring your asthma up. Fortunately, there are ways to minimize these risks and ensure that your home works for you just as it should. Let’s take a look at our top three techniques.

  1. Buy an AC Filter and Change It Regularly

An AC filter (also known as an HVAC filter) helps to remove impurities such as dust, bacteria, pet dander from the air circulating inside your home. These handy devices offer two main benefits. Firstly, you’ll be breathing cleaner air, which can help reduce the severity of your asthma symptoms. Secondly, they can help protect your HVAC system from sustaining damage and prolong its lifespan.

Once you’ve invested in an AC filter, it’s important to answer the next logical question: how frequently do you need to change it? When it comes to how often to change an air filter, you’ll need to determine that based on a few criteria. For example, do you have pets or young children? If yes, you’ll need to change the filter every two to three months because your home likely contains more bacteria. You’ll also need to consider how often you use your HVAC system and how big your house is.

  1. Add Some Greenery to Your Space

Some research has suggested that live plants can help purify the air we breathe, including a widely cited 1989 study from NASA. It indicated that certain plants, such as snake plants and peace lilies, could improve the air quality in a small, enclosed space.

Whether it’s adding some plants to your home office or keeping fresh flowers on your dining table, find a way to incorporate living greenery to your space. The purer the air, the less aggravated your asthma symptoms will be. This will allow you to live safely and comfortably in your own home.

  1. Clean It Consistently

Keeping your house clean is an excellent way to remove and prevent substances that act as asthma triggers. If left uncleaned, the dust and bacteria in your home will simply add up and grow into a much larger problem. The longer it is left unattended, the harder it will be to clean and rectify the issue.

Don’t hesitate to break out the vacuum and the mop on a weekly basis. Doing so will not only clean the air you breathe and lessen your asthma symptoms, but it will leave you with a sparkling and presentable home.

Although asthma presents a unique set of challenges, there are plenty of ways you can overcome them within your home. By following these simple three steps, you’ll make your house a safer and more comfortable haven for yourself and anyone else living with asthma. Don’t let your condition rule your life – reclaim control and make your space work for you. 

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Jon Eric Bradley Huffman
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