Stay On Top Of Allergies In The Home With These Tips

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Allergies are one of those things that can not only be incredibly dangerous but can make day to day living very miserable. The source can sometimes be obvious: pets and cleaning chemicals, as well as seasonal triggers such as pollen,  are the most common ones, but sometimes, there is something that you just can’t quite put your finger on.

Everyone is sniffling and sneezing, and your supply of tissues is diminishing at an alarming rate. When everyone is feeling miserable and stuffed up, you need to find a way to eliminate, or at the very least minimize the allergens in the home, and in this post, we look at a few ways. 

Stay On Top Of Allergies In The Home With These Tips 1

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4 Tips to Stay on Top of Allergies in the Home

Minimizing mold and damp

Some rooms, such as the bathroom, are hotspots for mold, mildew, and damp because of the very function of the room. Particles of mold can float in the air and set off allergic reactions for anyone, not just those with allergies already. 

You can buy mold resistant paints, but you should also get into the habit of airing out the bathroom after baths or showers by having an extractor fan or opening a window. If mold is already an issue, look at sorting out professional mold removal.  Remember, while the bathroom is prone to it, it’s certainly not the only place it happens. Check behind furniture, because it can quickly build up there as well as there is restricted air flow. 

Reconsider cleaning habits

Prevention is always going to better than cure. Even if you think you are pretty smart when it comes to cleaning your homes, things like dry dusting can be putting these allergens back into the air, which can trigger breathing issues.  Use a damp cloth to attract dust. Allergens can get trapped in the carpet, so take the opportunity to vacuum when you can and empty the cylinder or the bag regularly, and steam clean the carpet at least twice a year. If allergens are a big problem in your house, you may want to consider swapping carpets for wooden flooring.

Purify the air

It is important to try to keep the air free of allergens, but this is a lot harder than you think. Air conditioning helps to keep allergen, causing particles in the air, so it may be worth at cutting down on your use of it, or at the very least replacing air filters regularly. You can also look at humidity controllers and air purifiers to remove as many triggers as possible. 

Think about your diet

If you are all sneezing and coughing, the chances are it is something in your home causing it, but if you are the only person suffering, it may be a particular allergy that you need to pin down. Food allergies are more recognized than ever, so take a close look at your diet, and if you think that a particular food or ingredient is trigging allergic episodes,  take part in an elimination diet. This is where the food is removed for at least three weeks, and then reintroduced back in. In some cases, this should be done with careful guidance and monitoring from your doctor. Busy families may not have the time to make frequent trips to the doctor during this process. In these cases, concierge house calls may be an ideal solution. A concierge doctor can help patients manage allergies, monitor diet changes, and provide tailored healthcare for the entire family.

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