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In the height of summer, it’s hard to imagine what winter will be like, but when your mood is high and life is good, you’re better equipped to prepare yourself for the tougher months to come. Whether it’s starting a journal or taking up yoga, it’s a good idea to put in the effort to invest in self-care habits when you’re feeling good. That way you’ll be feeling the benefits later in the year when you’re experiencing an energy dip.

These tips will help you implement healthy self-care practices to keep you going through the long cold winter.

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3 Simple Self Care Tips for Winter

Make Your Home Cozy

Many people don’t think to adjust the interior of their homes to the cooler temperatures and lower light that winter brings. If you have a fireplace, make sure you check that the chimney has been unblocked and swept. Hot tip: organize a source of affordable firewood in advance to avoid paying through the nose.

An electric fireplace makes a brilliant substitution for a wood burner, offering maximum warmth and coziness without the hassle or ashy cleanup. Invest in extra lamps to brighten those dim nooks once the days shorten and the sun loses intensity. Consider introducing warm colors to your interior décor.

This doesn’t have to be an expensive overhaul. Something as simple as placing orange or yellow rugs on your sofa can inject a mood-boosting dose of sunlight into a gloomy space.

Indoor plants are a welcome addition to any winter grotto, as they serve as a cheerful reminder that spring will come and the outside world will be green again before long.

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Move Your Body

Yes, it’s cold outside. The sun doesn’t come up until 9 am. Maybe it’s frosty or snowy. But if you can make yourself head out for a little exercise, your day will be that much better. There’s nothing like getting your blood pumping and the heart rate up for making the body feel alive.

While a brisk walk or jog out in the cold can be extremely invigorating, not everybody is up for that. Older adults struggle especially in the cold, so it wouldn’t be wise to head out unless you’re in good health.

A gym membership is your best friend in the winter, or you could take up yoga if you’ve not tried this ancient practice yet. Yoga is well known for its therapeutic effects, relieving tension and promoting wellness (just what you need in wintertime).

Prepare Wholesome Comforting Food

Ever wonder why you’re always hungry in winter? In part, it’s because your body burns more energy by keeping itself warm. The need for extra food can also be a need for comfort. Since the chilly weather and shorter days may keep you inside, anyway, consider investing some of that extra time in cooking wholesome winter dishes that nourish the body and satisfy in terms of comfort, too. Stews and soups take longer to cook, but they are really satisfying and comforting when it’s cold.

What better way to take care of yourself than to make your own pot of steaming chicken soup?

Whether you enjoy the magic of winter or you spend most of your time dreaming of summer, the last few cold months can put your mood to the test. These tips will help you look after yourself from the start.

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